Spoilers For Tuesday's 'General Hospital': Jason Has Questions For Britt

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General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday's episode tease that there's more with Britt and Jason on the way. The two remain on the run together, but they have navigated some tense moments. By the looks of things, another tense exchange is on the way.

Last week, Jason tried to push Britt away when Sam connected with them. Jason thought he was giving Britt an opportunity to return home and get back to her day-to-day life. She successfully made the argument that wasn't likely to work.

Britt Makes A Call

The Twitter sneak peek for the May 18 episode of General Hospital reveals that Britt will try to make a phone call. Whatever this call is about, it's quickly made clear Jason wasn't looped in on Britt's plans.

Jason walks into the room where Britt is making the call and asks who she's calling. It appears this will startle her, and things could become heated. 

Based on the background in the scene, Britt and Jason have safely made their way to a new secure spot.

Britt Senses A Fight Ahead

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It may be that Britt was trying to reach her mom to check in, or someone relatively safe like that. Obrecht wouldn't do anything to intentionally reveal Britt and Jason's location. However, her decision to make a call could still backfire on them and their efforts to stay off the radar of the PCPD.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps detail that Britt will have a hunch that a fight is on the way. Will this fight be with Jason over this call?

Anxious Moments Ahead For Britt

Whatever it is that goes down during Tuesday's show, General Hospital spoilers signal more tough times ahead. During the episode set to air on Monday, May 24, Britt will be waiting for news of some sort.

As she waits for this mysterious news, Britt will feel quite anxious. As the upcoming week plays out, Britt will worry a lot about Maxie. Britt was coordinating efforts with Maxie regarding her issues with Peter. Will Britt manage to get an update on Maxie's situation somehow?

Jason And Britt Remain On The Run

Regardless of what General Hospital spoilers detail about the next week for Britt and Jason, they won't be going their separate ways yet. As of Thursday, May 27, she will agree to hear him out on something. Will he try to get her to return to Port Charles solo?

How long will Jason and Britt remain together and away from Port Charles? General Hospital viewers expect this dynamic to take a romantic turn at some point, and it seems likely that time is coming fairly soon.