BlackBerry 10 Sales Strong In Canada, Britain

Blackberry Q10

BlackBerry 10 sales have left something to be determined in the United States, but the devices are being eaten up by smartphone buyers in Britain and Canada.

A new study by Jeffries analyst Peter Misek suggests that the BlackBerry Q10 is selling well in both regions where users are eating up the chance to once again use a QWERTY featured handset.

BlackBerry didn’t receive the sales levels investors had hoped for when it released the touchscreen-only BlackBerry Z10, and some analysts worried that the BlackBerry OS had been left behind for good.

The Q10 is different than the Z10 as it serves a niche QWERTY keyboard market that is often overlooked. While HTC still and other manufacturers release the occasional qwerty smartphone, those devices are typically reserved for entry-level and mid-level devices, often in emerging markets.

According to Misek:

“Our checks indicate broad sellouts with generally limited stock otherwise … Based on our store checks, the BlackBerry Q10 has been selling extremely well and has been sold out or seeing limited availability in Toronto and across the U.K.”

BlackBerry hasn’t reached the mass appeal success it was hoping for, but it did sell more than one million Z10’s in the last period, proving that some interest still exists.

When asked what they thought about the Q10’s potential for sales, executives at the company claimed it would sell in the “tens of millions.”

At this time, the number of units sold in Canada and Britain have not been revealed by the tech firm.

Do you think the BlackBerry smartphone line is still alive and kicking or struggling for its last breath?