Nicole Scherzinger Celebrates Being 'Ballsy' On Hawaii Beach

Nicole Scherzinger close up

Nicole Scherzinger is telling the world to be "ballsy," and she's leading by example. The 42-year-old pop singer and reality judge kicked off the week with a stunning sunrise snap right from Hawaii shores, posting for her 4.9 million Instagram followers and with "Mana" confidence. Nicole, born in Hawaii but raised in Kentucky, was shouting out her home state and a rising brand, with a message spreading confidence and a reminder to always be yourself. Check out the photo and Nicole's best beach moments below.

'Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Ballsy'

Nicole Scherzinger beach selfie with boyfriend

Scroll for the photo. Nicole has been making headlines galore for her Hawaii updates this year, not limited to snacking on shrimp while in a yellow bikini and, for Earth Day 2021, taking in waterfall spray in a jaw-dropping swimsuit post

The Masked Singer judge, today striking a slightly-confident expression, snapped herself in selfie mode from sandy shores, sharing uninterrupted ocean horizons and stunning fans in a pale blue sweater from wellness brand Mana. The brand touts "pervasive supernatural spiritual power."

See The Stunning Snap!

Nicole, who had gone for a windswept finish as she gazed ahead, took to her caption, writing: "Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Ballsy. Be You," then tagging Mana Movement, a brand the star has shouted out before. Despite the celebrity backing, the company continues to have its Instagram under follow-only. See more photos after the shot!

Fans, seemingly needing the Monday motivation as another working week kicks off, have been replying. "Love this! I needed to hear this today!" one wrote. More photos below!

Scroll For Her Splits!


Nicole, a lover of hot yoga and outdoor hikes, has opened up on her mindset, one that comes with a "struggle" that's worth it.

"The harder the struggle the sweeter the victory. I swear those mountains they just kept growing every time I got to the top or turned a corner," she told OK! of her 2018 New Year's retreat. "I was breathing heavy and I was tired but I just pushed through so much. And that's all mind power and willpower." 

Scherzinger is a bulimia survivor, now living her healthiest life. Scroll for her workout.

Learning From Her Mistakes

Nicole Scherzinger doing the splits with a friend

The ultra-active star, who made 2020 headlines for mopping floors while in the splits, also admitted that she once only valued calorie-burning cardio exercise. Then she learned.

"I used to always think 'cardio, cardio, cardio!' but I'm learning that resistance and interval training is even better for you — getting your heart rate up and down."

"I've been really getting into pilates. I've never done that before in my life and now I love it. Oh, and now I'm into hiking, too!" she added.