Weekly 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Sasha's News Spreads And Chase Questions Finn

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A new sneak peek filled with General Hospital spoilers for the week of May 17 tease it'll be an intense few days in Port Charles. Peter's scheme has Finn scrambling to save Chase and surprising baby news is going to generate some big reactions. 

Last week, Sasha revealed a shocker: she's pregnant. So far, Lucy seems to be the only person she's told. However, Gladys overheard a phone call of Sasha's and is now armed with this juicy tidbit of information.

Sasha's News Raises Eyebrows

The General Hospital preview shared via Twitter teases that Sasha's secret will go public this week. That is seemingly thanks to Gladys, who can never simply stay out of other people's business. 

Spoilers suggest that Gladys' assumption that Cyrus is Sasha's baby daddy leads to a quick outing of this big secret. Cyrus knows he's not the baby's father, and he has no idea that Sasha and Brando hooked up. Chances are good this will be incredibly awkward, as he loves the chance to cause drama.

Brando's In A Tough Spot

If indeed Cyrus blasts out this baby news at the Metro Court, essentially putting Sasha on the spot, Brando's almost certainly going to be in a very awkward position. Not only do others not know about his fling with Sasha, but he's working for Cyrus while secretly aligned with Carly and Jason. 

SheKnows Soaps indicates that Sasha will try to distance herself from Brando, at least initially. Ultimately, this may not work well if Cyrus exposes her.

Carly Learns The Shocker

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General Hospital spoilers suggest that Carly will soon learn of Sasha's news too. Gladys and Carly will be meeting up this week, and it may be that Gladys fills Carly in on the pregnancy. Regardless of how she learns of it, Carly will be rather stunned. 

Will Sasha quickly come clean with Brando about the pregnancy? Will her pregnancy eventually somehow tie into the Maxie and Brook Lynn situation, as some General Hospital viewers suspect? Fans were surprised by this news and figure there's some sort of twist ahead.

Chase Wants Answers

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Chase's condition continues to worry Finn. Chase seemed to be doing better, and then he spiked a high fever.  General Hospital spoilers signal that Chase will start to do better again and he'll push Finn for information.

Finn has kept specifics hidden from Chase regarding his illness. Luckily, Anna told him what caused the illness and provided a medication that brought temporary relief. However, Chase isn't out of the woods yet and General Hospital spoilers indicate Finn will be scrambling to manage this dicey situation