Snow In May? Storm Breaks Records Across The Midwest

May Snow Storm

Getting lots of snow in May might sound far-fetched, but that’s exactly what several states throughout the Midwest encountered late last week.

The unseasonable May storm dropped around a foot of snow on Thursday. This ultimately forced the closure or roads and schools throughout Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Several power outages were also reported in these areas as a result of the snowfall.

While several states received quite a bit of snow as a result of the May storm, certain sections of Colorado received an impressive amount of coverage as the system passed through the region.

Buckhorn Mountain in Colorado received an impressive 28 inches of snow as a result of the storm. Fort Collins residents were forced to deal with around 16 inches of snow, while folk living near Boulder had to contend with around eight inches.

National Weather Service meteorologist Jim Keeney said that states in this region have experienced snow in May before. However, none of them had reported snowfall of this magnitude. Folks in Arizona were also affected by the storm, resulting in the first recorded instance of snow in the month of May.

The storm dropped a considerable amount of wet snow, causing power lines and trees to topple under the weight. Keeney explained that the storm will likely break several records by the time everything is said and done.

NWS meteorologist Kurt Kotenberg explained that several winter storm warnings were issued for the Midwest through Thursday.

“This was a tough system to judge in that there was such a tight gradient between the rain, freezing rain, and snow. Then, this cold front really stalled out over central Iowa and it just kept snowing and snowing. It just didn’t really stop in some places,” he explained.

Before the National Weather Service can announce that certain records have been broken, the snowfall will have to be verified and officially certified by a handful of climatologists and meteorologists. A complete list of snowfall totals from the affected areas can be found at The Weather Channel.

What do you think about the Midwest getting over a foot of snow in May?

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