Carrie Underwood Shows Off Weekend Tradition With Veggie Leftovers

Carrie Underwood smiling
Gettyimages | Jason Kempin

Carrie Underwood is big-time impressing her 10.2 million Instagram followers with weekend cooking skills and everything coming from the "leftovers" in the 38-year-old's refrigerator. Earlier today, Carrie shared the amazing crustless veggie quiche she made for herself, husband Mike Fisher, and the two kids they share, with the "Cry Pretty" hit-maker's lunch coming home-made, from scratch, and flawless. Carrie even revealed that the whole process has become a Sunday "tradition" under her roof. Check out the amazing pie and more photos below.

A 'Sunday Tradition'

Carrie Underwood and a cookie

Scroll for the photo. Carrie was quick to mention that the recipe comes from her March 2020-released Find Your Path diet and exercise book. The singer, who also launched her Fit52 app that month, posted a stunning snap of a mouth-watering and no-crust quiche, with perfectly golden-brown surfaces peeping kale and peppers. Quiche is traditionally French - Frenchies might well be shocked at seeing one without a crust.

Carrie snapped her family-friendly and super-healthy lunch on a circular plate before taking to her caption.

See Her Stunning Workout Below!

A quiche

The mom of two, who is massively healthy but has admitted that wine during reality TV is her vice, told fans: 

"This has become a Sunday tradition...making the crustless quiche from my book #FindYourPath. I had several small bits of leftovers in the fridge (sweet potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower) so I threw those well as some kale from my garden!"

"You can pretty much throw in whatever you have on hand and it’ll turn out delicious!" she added. Scroll for the killer workout!


'Wannabe Vegan'

Carrie, who kicks off the day with egg/tofu scrambles, blueberries, coffee, and Ezekiel toast and is a giant fan of meat-free stir fries, last year revealed she's a "wannabe vegan," although husband Mike absolutely isn't and still eats his steaks. The singer is also hugely into home-grown produce: "I just love knowing where things come from," she told Women's Health.

The post today also revealed that youngest son Jacob is a fan of the quiche. Carrie, who welcomed her second son in 2019, shouted out her little boy. See it below!

'Little Guy' Loves It

An adorable reveal saw Carrie add: "My little guy, Jake, loves this, so I try to always have one in the fridge because it’s full of so many veggies! Plus, me cooking in the kitchen is one of my happy places, so it seems to fit on a Sunday afternoon!"

Carrie's workout plans are now available via her Fit52 app, with the concept based on the 52 cards in a deck behind its namesake. Carrie is also fresh from wowing during her ultra-strong leg lunges, delivered in tight purple shorts.