Spoilers For Friday's 'General Hospital': Sasha And Cyrus Have An Intense Confrontation

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General Hospital spoilers for Friday's episode promise more drama involving Sasha and Cyrus. He thrives on pushing people's buttons and seems to relish getting pushback. Sasha's learned not to hold back with him, and this could get interesting.

According to SheKnows Soaps, this upcoming confrontation will get quite hostile. The General Hospital sneak peek shared via Twitter revealed that this battle will take place at the Metro Court. Sasha just met with Lucy there, so this run-in happens shortly afterward. 

Sasha Revealed A Shocker

As General Hospital fans saw during Thursday's show, Sasha has big news to share with people. She revealed to Lucy she's pregnant, but she hasn't shared the news with others yet. She certainly kept her head low while seeing Brando at the Metro Court.

General Hospital viewers have done some speculation regarding baby daddy possibilities, although it certainly seems Brando's the only real option. She hadn't slept with Michael in a long time, and as far as viewers know, nothing intimate ever happened between Sasha and Cyrus.

Cyrus Says He's Hopeful

When Cyrus runs into Sasha, General Hospital spoilers detail he'll tell her he hoped they could put past mistakes behind them. It's not clear yet what prompts him to say that, or bring up their previous issues. However, it doesn't appear that Sasha will be particularly receptive. 

Will Sasha lash out at Cyrus or resist taking the bait? It seems as if there's a reason for this upcoming confrontation between Cyrus and Sasha, and everybody will be curious to learn more.

Sasha Has Plenty To Think About

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During the week of May 17, General Hospital spoilers tease that Sasha will do her best to avoid Brando. If indeed he is the father of her baby as seems most likely to be the case, it appears that she'll feel anxious about sharing the baby news with him. 

The sparks definitely were flying between Sasha and Brando, and their intimate moments were months in the making. However, they certainly never intended for their one frisky romp to make them both parents. 

A New Start

Over the coming days, General Hospital spoilers detail that Sasha will start to embrace this pregnancy. She's clearly feeling anxious about it, but she'll start to view this shocker as an opportunity for a fresh start. 

Sasha came to town under the guise that she was Nina's biological daughter. She loved the life she'd built in Port Charles, but everything changed when the lie was exposed. General Hospital spoilers hint that there's a lot to come with this pregnancy shocker and fans are curious about what's ahead.