Demi Rose All Bounce With Curly Bikini Surprise

Demi Rose close up
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Demi Rose is dropping surprise Goldilocks action while in a black bikini. The 26-year-old model, this year making headlines for debuting a ginger-haired do, today delighted her 16.4 million Instagram followers with new locks, ones seeing the British beauty go bouncy-haired and very curled as hairstylist Faye Browne got to work. Demi, just yesterday stunning her fans with a "paradise" photo as she rocked a sleeveless pink dress, was back in her swimwear, but she wasn't out to highlight her bikini. Check it out below. 

New Look, New Bounce

Demi Rose in strappy evening dress

Scroll for the video. Demi, whose fame stems from her silhouette, is nonetheless fast-rising as a beauty face on social media - the Pretty Little Thing ambassador's fanbase includes many women, with today proving just why the girls are hitting "follow." 

Shot indoors and all glowing cheekbones and smiles, Demi was seen having her perfectly-curled locks made even more camera-ready as she likely prepped for a shoot. The former London-based star, who ditched the U.K. in July 2020, wrote: "Have you seen such a bounce."

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There was, indeed, quite a bounce. The gorgeous star, sending out her smile, showed off her new curls with glee, with fans then seeing Demi in selfie mode as she rocked her plunging black bikini. Rose, who once aspired to become a professional beauty therapist, has more than just words. She's completed some training, revealing:

"I did beauty therapy for 3 years in college before I got into modelling so I always know what my skin needs."

Keep scrolling for her "paradise" dress shot!

Hitting Heaven

Demi Rose in a dress by oceans

Wednesday brought an unusually covered-up post from Demi as she ditched her skimpy crop tops and two-pieces for a demure, sensual, and stunning Instagram share. The model had posed on a whitewashed wall as she flaunted her legs in a billowing dress, with the sunset ocean snap seeing her write that paradise "isn't a place," rather it's a "feeling."

Demi has also been making headlines for dishing on her beauty tips, this as her bubble baths self-care gets broadcasted for fans.

Secret Beauty Tips

Speaking to Heat World, the star revealed always taking her makeup off before bed and drinking "lots" of water, adding:

"I love to have a bath if there is one. But in general I am really simple when I bath or shower. I always use a fragrance free shower gel just because I have sensitive skin but if I feel like something more indulgent I will use wilting rose petals from my last bunch of roses as these have the highest frequency as a flower."