Spoilers For 'General Hospital': Dante Decides And Nik Has A Plan

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General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday's episode suggest Dante will decide he's ready to reclaim his old life, at least to a degree. In addition, Nikolas will fill Ava in on his next step, seemingly regarding Cyrus. 

As SheKnows Soaps noted, Dante has been thinking through his options in terms of what he should do with his life now. He left Port Charles because he was dealing with a lot of intense trauma, and returned to a town brainwashed thanks to Obrecht. 

Dante Thinks He's Ready

Despite the likelihood that some of that trauma is still affecting him, Dante seems anxious to get back to a normal life again. He was approached about officially returning to the PCPD, and General Hospital spoilers suggest he's about to make his return official.

Dante's been thinking through how he might fit back into the PCPD community. Jordan already pulled him back into detective work to a degree, and during Wednesday's episode, he'll seemingly decide he's ready to formalize the arrangement. 

A Big Decision For Dante

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Dante will make a big decision during the May 12 show. By the looks of the preview shared via the show's Twitter page, it's a decision that will make Jordan quite happy. 

The brief clip shows Jordan sitting behind her desk in her office at the PCPD. She smiles broadly and welcomes back the detective. Dante is not shown in this brief snippet, but it certainly seems that it'll be Dante she's speaking to in this case.

Nikolas Forges Forward

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Nikolas has been doing a lot of thinking as well. He followed through on getting Florence back for Cyrus in exchange for keeping Alexis safe in Pentonville. However, General Hospital spoilers suggest there's more on the horizon regarding the prince and the mob boss.

The General Hospital sneak peek shows Nikolas talking with his wife Ava. He tells her that "he" is about to meet his father's side of the family.  He doesn't mention Cyrus here, but it seems likely that's who he's referencing.

Nik's Planning A Major Move

According to the latest General Hospital spoilers, Nikolas will decide he's prepared to make a significant move. It's not clear yet who he plans to bring into this or how he thinks it'll help him, but viewers will learn more on Wednesday.

In addition, Sam's search for Jason will continue, and Britt's set to open up to her partner-in-crime. Carly will butt heads with Jax and have a serious discussion with Josslyn, while Portia and Curtis continue to bond. General Hospital spoilers promise juicy developments and fans can't wait.