Eminem's Daughter Minds Her Own Business In Floral Sundress

Hailie Jade smiles close up

Eminem's 25-year-old daughter Hailie Jade is minding her own business with wit and throwing out her stunning good looks at the same time. The influencer and celeb kid to "Stan" rapper Eminem has been making headlines for a desert vacation in Arizona, with this week seeing the budding beauty blogger drop a fresh update. Posting yesterday and for her 2.1 million Instagram followers, Hailie shared the breath-taking Sedona, AZ scenery she's been enjoying, plus a summery floral sundress look as she enjoyed an afternoon drink. Check it out below.

Caption Game Strong

Scroll for the photo. Hailie, known to have inherited a sense of humor from her 48-year-old father, posted like something out of a vacation brochure. The Michigan-based star, who has ditched the Midwest for a little warmth, updated backed by craggy and jaw-dropping red cliff-scapes, seen seated amid parched canyon settings and on rusty-red stone for a little chill time.

Showing off her flawless sense of style, the star rocked an open white shirt and red-hued, floral-print sundress, also shading her face in a chic white sunhat.

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Hailie Jade in the desert with wine

Hailie, who has clocked over 75,000 likes overnight for her share, tagged herself in Sedona, AZ, writing: "Just blending in with my surroundings & minding my own business" with a sun emoji.

"Hailie's enjoying her life. I love it," a fan quickly replied. "Two beautiful views," another added. The post directly follows one making headlines as Hailie stripped down to a sports bra and leggings for an energetic hike. The workout queen made 2020 news for teasing workout tutorials on her Instagram. 

Big Xmas Headlines

Hailie makes headlines on Christmas every year, but not for the standard holiday reason. Her birthday is on Xmas Day, with 2020 seeing her turn 25 on December 25. Stunning fans in a strapless black dress and posing with gold "25" balloons, HJ wrote:

"Even though this isn’t the “golden” birthday i originally would’ve planned, i know i will still make 25 my year regardless. I feel so blessed & lucky to be here and at this place in my life." More photos below!

COVID References

Hailie in xmas pajamas

Hailie, joking that "2020" was the "explanation" for her many months of social media silence last year, has been mentioning the global pandemic. Showing off her Xmas tree and plaid pajamas after the holidays, the twinkly-eyed beauty told fans: 

"Throwback to the beginning of last week when I thought the worst thing that was gonna happen was taking down this pretty tree 😅 2021, please be better than you were for the first week."

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