Kaley Cuoco All Balls For Power Weekend Workout

Kaley Cuoco is dripping mad sweat and wowing her 6.6 million Instagram followers with a solid muscle display and one heck of a weekend workout. The 35-year-old sitcom star, recently in the news for saying you better feel "cute" if you're going to workout on a weekend, was all dedication and ab work yesterday, with footage from her home gym showing a mat setting and a co-ordinated rep set that worked the blonde from head to toe. Check out the balls work below.

Not Her First Workout


Scroll for the video. Kaley has made pandemic headlines galore for her training, not limited to a summer 2020 storm as fans mask-shamed her during an indoor jump-rope workout complete with a face covering. Kaley, whose home workouts come from her $12 million Hidden Hills estate, had updated with little in the way of fancy equipment, seen on a red towel and black mat and crunching over...and over, and over.

The girl behind Penny, wearing skin-tight black leggings and a cropped white tee, went full abs, also seen with damp and sweaty hair.

See The Video Below!

Kaley Cuoco on the red carpet
Gettyimages | Jason Merritt/TERM

Lying on her back, Kaley held a squishy black foam roller with both arms, also squeezing a silvery and medium-sized medicine ball between her legs as she kicked both her legs and arms up, then dropped back down to work her core and killer pins.

Shouting out trainer Ryan Sorensen, the Big Bang Theory alum wrote: "@RYANSORENSEN SHOWING ME MULTIPLE WAYS TO USE MY @ROLLGAHEALTH!"

Fabulous promo for foam roller brand Rollga. Fabulous viewing for fans of the star's fierce workout physique.

Revealing Cheat Foods


Kaley, who has made headlines for revealing her breakfasts are the "same little bit of peanut butter on toast," has opened up about her diet, one that fuels both the workouts and her equestrian activities. Last year, Kaley made headlines as her cheat foods were revealed:

"Tonight I’ll be going to In-N-Out and doing one of their grilled cheeses, massive fries, and a shake," she said. "That’d be a cheat for me."

Scroll for the masked jump-roped video and more deets below.

Girl Needs Variety

Cuoco, once a regular paparazzi catch as she hit up yoga classes before pandemic times, has also revealed that variety is key for her. The hot yoga lover stated: "If I’m doing yoga, we’re doing it every day this week....Then I’m like, ‘Oh my god, I have to switch.’ Then I’m going crazy on SoulCycle....‘Okay, I have to switch.'"

Kaley's pandemic workouts, meanwhile, have also brought in 32-year-old sister and The Flight Attendant co-star Briana Cuoco, with the two making headlines for their joint sweat sessions.