Kelly Ripa Address Medical Worries Over Bedroom Splits

Kelly Ripa close up
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Kelly Ripa has responded to medical-centric concerns as a jaw-dropping bedroom video shows the 50-year-old casually easing herself into the side splits. The talk show queen was quite the headline-maker ahead of the weekend as she reminded her 2.9 million Instagram followers that training as a ballerina back in the day came with a #forlife, with the video showing the blonde energetic, in tight leggings, and seemingly a total rubber band. Comments have been mixed, though, and Kelly has now addressed some of them. Check it out below.

Casual Splits Wows Fans

Kelly Ripa leggy and seated

Scroll for the video. Kelly, who made 2019 headlines for wowing fans with her ballerina pointework, was back to doing similar with her flexibility. Peeping the luxurious bedroom of her $27 million NYC home and its crisp-white bed linens, the mom of three was seen shaking her stuff in cute, cropped-print leggings and a black "TORCHED" hoodie, also holding a red fan in each hand for quite the flourish.

The video, for a good cause, lasted one minute, with Kelly saving the best until last.

See The Video!

The bubbly blonde went for the most-challenging side split for her big finale, sliding her limbs down to the floor and landing in the perfect split. Kelly took to her caption shouting out friend Isaac Boots and writing: "A lightly edited choreo moment," adding:

"Because @isaacboots is a do gooder let’s help him say thank you to the hero nurses and front line hospital workers in association with NYU Langone. #danceanddonatechallenge
Music: “Electric Light” by Steph Amoroso."

See the comments after the video.

Not Just Ordinary Fans

Kelly Ripa in strappy dress at an event
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The response has proven immense, even attracting celebrity and pro ballerina attention. Bravo face and fellow bedroom dance lover, Lisa Rinna, was quick to send Kelly the thumbs-up, with The New York City Ballet's Principal Dancer Tiler Peck personally responding: "Ok 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I want to be doing this you! That pointed foot in that passé turn 💯."

Amid wowed fans were also some sarcastic ones. A comment gaining over 50 likes told Kelly: "You must have a great back doctor 👨‍⚕️." See her response below.

Addressing Fan Comment

A user, seemingly in agreement, replied: "My thoughts exactly!!! My back goes out I'm barely able to walk but you gotta keep moving but definitely not able to do THIS. I want her back dr. I exercise also but don't bounce back in 3 days🤷🏼‍♀️."

Kelly, who isn't above responding to her fans, was quick to swoop in with her usual sense of humor. The former sitcom star joked: "He would kill me if he saw this," with another follower catching it and replying: "Hahaha."