Dove Cameron Hangs Upside-Down With Flexibility She Calls 'Progress'

Dove Cameron close up

Dove Cameron is flaunting her rubber-band flexibility and approaching 1 million views for a stunning display she casually called "progress." The 25-year-old actress and singer made it quite the back stretch for her 42.2 million Instagram followers ahead of the weekend, posting a jaw-dropping floor session and reminded fans that upcoming Powerpuff Girls hasn't had her camped out on the couch with Pringles. The former Disney star's Thursday video showed her barefoot, in a bridge, and fully upside-down as fans called her a "flexible queen." See why below.

Stuns With Natural Flexibility

Dove Cameron bathroom selfie

Scroll for the video. Dove, who has already made 2021 headlines for plopping herself into the splits as she trained at celebrity-adored gym chain Dogpound, was back to showing off her skill-set. The blonde's video showed her on a gray workout mat and having her lower back supported by a trainer as she hung out upside down, also pointing her bare feet and wearing gray sweatpants and a pale pink sports bra.

Dove held the challenging pose and she 100% captivated her fanbase.

See Her Wild Stretch!

Dove Cameron in a shower

With a floppy ponytail hitting the ground, the "We Belong" hit-maker adjusted her footing as her spinal chord impressed, with an oh-so-casual caption reading: "!! Progress."

Over 770,000 views have been clocked. The post follows a headline-making one six days ago as Dove rocked a green bathrobe and "Bubbles" necklace shouting out her Powerpuff Girls character and announced "Wrapt." The CW series has seen Cameron zip-lining across wire in her powder-blue minidress costume, with the paparazzi training photos going viral. See more photos after the video.

Powerpuff Power

Originally released in 1998 and this year bringing a 2021 spin with co-stars Chloe Bennett and Yana Perrault, the series proved a challenge for Dove long before the rest of the world knew she'd been cast.

“After I got cast, I had to wait a week before the news came out, which was an excruciating week because I'm such a fan of the cartoon. It was so hard not to talk about it,” she told Nylon earlier this year. Keep scrolling for her zip-line video!

Couldn't Turn It Down

Cameron added: “I’m so excited to be in jeans and a little blue tank top and then levitate and zoom out of a window. Please. Fighting monsters? But also specifically getting to play the Powerpuff Girls."

"I grew up without cable and I even knew what the Powerpuff Girls were. I'm a freak for them.”

Dove remainss busy with far more than just her wrapped-up series. Following the 2020 success of "We Belong," the star released new track "LazyBaby." She now also fronts cosmetics brand Flawless Beauty.