Friday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Anna Confesses And Peter Questions Maxie

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Friday's episode of General Hospital should be a wild one according to the latest spoilers. Peter has been causing all sorts of chaos throughout Port Charles over the past few weeks, and viewers are about to see what comes next.

Peter pressured Anna and Valentin to keep their mouths shut about the cause of Chase's mysterious illness. Chase's life depended on it, and Peter added additional stipulations before he'd hand over the antidote for Chase. He forced Anna to help him see Maxie.

Anna Fills In Valentin

Anna kept mum on what she knew about Chase's poisoning, initially. However, as Finn's frustrations over Chase's mysterious, dangerous illness increased, she changed gears. She told Finn what she knew about Peter having poisoned Chase. So far, Peter hasn't caught on, and his focus is currently on Maxie.

The General Hospital sneak peek for Friday reveals that Anna will confess to Valentin. She'll tell her partner-in-crime that she told Finn the truth, and it looks as if Valentin will be quite shocked. 

Valentin's Worried

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According to General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, Valentin won't be immediately convinced this was the right move. Soap Central adds that he'll have reservations about what Anna chose to do.

Anna felt that she had no choice, and Chase isn't entirely out of the woods yet. He's doing somewhat better though, thanks to Finn receiving the information from Anna he did. 

However, it's still possible Chase's progress could fade or even reverse. Even if Chase stays steady, there's Maxie to worry about in regard to Peter.

Peter Visits Maxie

The General Hospital preview for Friday also reveals that Peter will stop by Maxie's apartment. She knows about Anna's promise to Peter and agreed to go along with things, but she's also working on plans of her own. The time to forge forward is almost here, and Maxie's desperate to prevent Peter from catching on.

Something will feel off to Peter during this upcoming visit though. He'll ask Maxie who's at the apartment with her, and it looks like she'll try to dance around this question.

Brook Lynn's Plan Hits A Snag

Could it be Brook Lynn who's at the apartment? She approached Maxie with her baby swap plan, but Maxie was resistant at first. However, the two ladies may well both realize it's the only way forward for both of them.

As close as Brook Lynn is to getting this in place, it's not a done deal yet. General Hospital spoilers tease that her plan is about to hit a roadblock of some sort, and viewers will find out what that means on Friday.