Jessie James Decker Shows Off Breast Reduction After Surgery

Jessie James Decker selfie

Jessie James Decker is showing off her "new boobies" after going under the knife to have her bust surgically reduced. The 32-year-old country singer, reality star, and Kittenish founder was all smiles and confidence as she updated her Instagram in underwear today, with a selfie showing the blonde happy and offering her mindset. Jessie, who made April 2020 headlines for revealing past breast reductions as she got honest in a pink bikini, was back to talking cosmetic procedures. Check it out below.

Treated Herself To 'New' Ones

Jessie James Decker in shorts indoors

Scroll for the selfie. It comes as Jessie makes muscle headlines with her workouts, this alongside the mom of three's Just Feed Me cookbook flying off shelves and topping Amazon lists. 

Posting on Thursday, the Jessie & Eric star had snapped herself home, on the floor, and cross-legged while in a cute cupped bra and briefs set in pale blue. Smiling into the camera and with shoes seen behind her, the South Beach Diet face took to her caption with honesty and humor.

See The Photo Below!

"I treated new boobies!" the caption opened, with Jessie announcing that the decision had been made after she and husband Eric decided they were done with kids.

"I had breast reduction and lift a couple years ago when they were hanging down to my belly button but with having such elastic skin and not being happy with the size I decided to do it," Decker added, saying that she was "so big and perky" before kids. See her "brand new woman" reveal after the photo.

'Brand New Woman'

Jessie James Decker at a bar table

Affirming that cosmetic surgery isn't for "everybody" and that she always says "do what makes you feel confident," the star added:" I feel great; I’m super happy with them and felt like a brand new woman when I was trying on our new @kittenish swim and loving the way they finally filled out the tops like I wanted 😍🥰💗."

A fan was quick to ask Jessie what size implants she'd gotten in the past, and the reply was "Real big." Scroll for more photos.

Sagging Skin Reveal

Jessie opened up last year with a ribbed two-piece selfie post, one seeing her reveal she had risen to a bust size G after breast-feeding and "the skin was so loose from growing" to that size, she could barely take it. The former yo-yo dieter who continues to embrace and accept that her weight bounces around was sent the thumbs-up by fans. Jessie was told "Good for you!" and that "they look amazing." Scroll for her Cinco de Mayo bikini!