Jessica Simpson Rocks Biker Leather For Coca-Cola Bombshell

Jessica Simpson with coke

Jessica Simpson is opening wide for Coca-Cola while in edgy cropped leather, also managing to cause a storm on her Instagram. The 40-year-old actress and singer was last night full bombshell as she shouted out the world's most-famous soda, with a stunning shot showing the blonde all 90's hoops and shades as she threw out a half-drunken Coke bottle with a reminder that nothing beats the real deal. Posting for her 5.6 million followers, Jessica went straight-forward, but the response was anything but.

Nothing Like Real Coke

Jessica Simpson in silky robe

Scroll for the photo, one that comes as Jessica is snapped swallowing plenty of sugar. The star, who dropped 100 pounds in 2019, was this week photographed tucking into both a family-sized bag of chips and a donut as she topped up her essentials at a Calabasas CVS.

Showing that little beats the original, the Jessica Simpson Style founder last night updated all smiles in a belted black skirt, tight tee, and sleeveless leather biker jacket, flaunting her weight loss and her preferences when it comes to soft drinks.

See The Photo!

Rocking massive hoops and shades, the stylish mom of three kept her caption short and sweet, writing: "It's the real thing." See the insane backlash after the photo.

"Hair is [fire] emoji," one fan replied, but amid responses flattering the Dukes of Hazzard star, a storm emerged, one possibly stemming from the current Coca-Cola boycott. Earlier this year, the beverage giant's CEO hit out at a new Georgia law restricting voting rights, and it looks like the right-wingers were flocking to the comments section - by the masses.

Boycott Comments Fly In

"Coke shame...," one fan replied, with another swooping in to reply: "
Oh…. But no one drinks Coke anymore because of their “wokeness”. No thanks. You look fabulous though." As one user claimed they were boycotting Coca-Cola and another called it "woke-a-cola," users debated the ongoing issue.

"Exactly! I was laughing the other day seeing all the coke piled up in ALL the stores. I’ll never go back," one fan exclaimed. Pepsi, meanwhile, has been backing LGBTQ rights, even pledging to invest $400 million over five years to tackle inequality. More photos below.

Racism Storm

Also heavily inferred amid the backlash was Coca-Cola's 2021 storm as a seminar asked staff to "be less white." The brand, accused of "blatant racist discrimination," was thrown into comments telling Jessica: "But you're white," with one telling her: "You're too white to drink Coca-Cola."

Jessica does not appear to have responded to the backlash. The singer has been busy promoting a new drop from her clothing line, also debuting her Amazon Original Stories essay, one bringing a COVID positive reveal.