Kylie Jenner Stuns In Satin Undies After Surprise Instagram Delete

Kylie Jenner robe selfie

Kylie Jenner is big-time in the news right now for having shock-deleted the Instagram account run by her 2015-founded Kylie Cosmetics brand. On Tuesday, the 23-year-old's best-selling company wiped its feed clean, also offering a new photo of its founder as she stunned in a pink satin bra. Kylie, who sold 51% of her company to Coty Inc and pocketed $600 million for the 2020 deal, was announcing something new, with the whole thing seeming to be a giant tease. Check it out below.

Deletes Entire Instagram

Kylie Jenner blonde and seated in boots

Scroll for the photo, one that's now solo on a feed once filled with Lip Kit promos and new color drops. Kylie Cosmetics today shared a photo of E! star Kylie posing in a girly and sensual snap, one seeing the mom to 3-year-old Stormi Webster flaunting her curves in a plunging and slightly retro pink bra in luxurious satins - the upper came paired with matching pants as Kylie rocked slightly asymmetric bangs.

The gorgeous star, all tan and with a slightly knowing gaze, was accompanied by a "Something is coming" caption.

Keep Scrolling For The Photo!

Fans, who have no clue what's in the works and are now replying: "I CAN'T WAIT," are also asking: "YA'LL WHAT HAPPENED TO THE REST OF THE POSTS?" 

No answer from Kylie Cosmetics - see the possible reason after the shot, plus more photos.

Kylie Cosmetics, run alongside the star's 2019-founded Kylie Skin brand, may not be the only brand(s) Kylie is set to be CEO of. In 2019, Jenner filed multiple trademarks for products ranging from nail care to wigs, even filing for Kylie Baby.

Baby Cosmetics Patents?

Kylie Jenner selfie with Stormi

Per Refinery29, the patents could see Kylie offering cosmetics and beauty products for the teenie weenies.

"But hidden in the trademark is another huge revelation: It looks like Kylie could be launching a baby cosmetics line. The filing covers moisturizers, lotions, creams, cleansers, serums, facial oils, bubble bath, baby powder, shampoo, conditioner, hair styling preparations, and more — all the things a budding baby influencer could ever need."

Jenner has not, as fans had anticipated, yet capitalized on her motherhood status with any baby products. Scroll for more photos.

$590 Million Earned In 2020

Kylie made 2020 headlines for seeing Forbes strip her of her billionaire status as it alleged that she inflated sales figures from Kylie Cosmetics. Kylie clapped back calling the claims ludicrous, and it looks like she's having the last laugh. Later that year, Forbes published its list of top celebrity earners. Kylie came out far on top with her $590 million and well ahead of the next highest earner, rapper Kanye West and his $170 million. 

Also in the news this year is 40-year-old Kim Kardashian, now officially a billionaire.