'One Piece' Chapter 1012 Spoilers: Nami Activates Beast Mode After Ulti Attacks Tama

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One Piece Chapter 1012 has yet to be officially released, but spoilers have already started surfacing on the web. According to the spoilers posted on Reddit, the upcoming chapter of the One Piece manga features the epic clash between Straw Hat Pirates navigator "Cat Burglar" Nami and Beast Pirates headliner Ulti of the Tobi Roppo. It also shows other interesting scenes involving members of the Nine Red Scabbards, including Kiku, the traitor Kanjuro, Nekomamushi, Kawamatsu, and Izo.

Ulti Reacts To Page One's Defeat

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Before she clashes against Nami, the upcoming chapter of One Piece first features Ulti seeing his brother and fellow member of the Tobi Roppo, Page One, getting beaten by Big Mom Pirates and Emperor Charlotte Linlin. Big Mom decided to switch sides after she learned that the Beast Pirates ruined the Okobore Town. In just a single blow, the lady Yonko has successfully eliminated Page One.

Ulti tries to avenge her brother by headbutting Big Mom. Unfortunately, her attack wouldn't affect Big Mom at all.

Tama Badly Hurt After Being Hit By Ulti

Ulti continues wreaking havoc at the banquet hall and ends up hitting Komachiyo and Tama. Komachiyo falls into the ground while Tama takes serious damage. Big Mom is once again enraged after seeing the Beast Pirates headliner hurt her little ninja friend.

However, the one who attacks Ulti in One Piece Chapter1012 is Nami. After seeing Ulti hurt a child, Nami thinks it's time for her to stop running away and start engaging in a real fight. In her conversation with Usopp, Nami vows to finish Ulti on her own.

Red Scabbards On The Move

One Piece Chapter 1012 also features the members of the Nine Red Scabbards moving together. Kiku is shown preparing to fight against the traitor Kanjuro. When it comes to a one-on-one fight, Kiku is indeed capable of defeating Kanjuro.

However, his brother, Izo, is worried about the fight against Kanjuro, especially knowing that he lost one of his arms during their battle against Beast Pirates captain and Emperor Kaido. Meanwhile, Nekomamushi is also featured talking to Shishilian, giving him information about the pirate who killed Pedro.

Sanji Takes Injured Zoro

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According to the spoilers, One Piece 1012 also shows Vinsmoke Sanji taking an injured Roronoa Zoro with him. Zoro is currently in bad condition after taking heavy damage and using all his energy during his fight against Kaido. While they are running, Sanji and Zoro are accompanied by Kawamatsu the Kappa and Izo.

Meanwhile, Kozuki Momonosuke is featured activating his ability to hear the voice of all things. He informs his comrades that he heard two voices on the rooftop of Kaido's mansion.