Sommer Ray Welcomes High-Waisted Bikinis With Desert Energy

Sommer Ray smiles close up
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Sommer Ray is ensuring the high-waisted trend is not just limited to jeans and leggings. The 24-year-old fitness model and clothing designer today updated her Instagram with a mega-batch of swimwear photos, both delighting her 26.3 million followers and making sure they shop their bikinis at her Sommer Ray's Shop. Posting on Monday, the popular blonde kicked off the week to a scorching desert start, sharing a blazing-hot shoot with cacti and modeling everything from retro metallic two-pieces to her trademark florals. Check it out below.

Definitely A Hot Girl Summer

Sommer Ray by a car

Scroll for the photos. They come as Sommer continues to conquer the swim and gym wear realm, with Sommer Ray's Shop this year branching out into pandemic-friendly and unisex sweats.

Definitely not in a hoodie and sweatpants, the Colorado native today updated under blue skies and with an '80s vibe as she posed by a metallic pink trailer, gravel,and distant buildings. Going super high-waisted in a periwinkle and shiny bikini, the model kicked off the trend, with plenty more following it.

See The Stunning Photos Below

Switching to a freeform pool setting fringed by palms,Sommer jazzed up the next look in a once-again high-waisted leopard-print bikini, with each shot also offering a rear view. Snakeskin was the next look as Sommer went cupped, with the star's signature floral-prints closing it.

"THE SWIM & NEW ACTIVE WEAR ARE LIVE ON @shopsommerray," she wrote, telling fans to: "Go shop itttt, linkkkkk in b!oooooo." A friendly note was also left to fans in Canada, where her merch is available at Urban Planet. 

Swipe below for the full gallery - scroll for more photos.

Building An Empire

Sommer Ray outdoors in jeans

Sommer Ray's Shop, now retailing resistance bands Sommer proudly announces as "booty bandz," is no small-time deal, but marketing costs are likely low as the star delivers almost all of her promo straight via her Instagram. 

Sommer was already eyeing up her businesswoman edge in 2018, with a Forbes interview seeing her state: "I just want to promote a healthy, natural lifestyle. I’m really against plastic surgery and all that stuff. I’m also trying to grow my business. I’m trying to become a business woman.” More photos below!

Not Just For Girls

Sommer is ensuring the male fans on her social media also have somewhere to spend their dollars. The star is regularly seen in her chunky baseball caps, with her range catering to men, alongside its newest unisex addition. Earlier this year, while updating in floral spandex, Sommer told her followers:

"Soooo inlove with this @shopsommerray rose gold floral set 😻 go shop itttt & tons of other cutieeee sets 😛💛 @shopsommerray LINK IN BIOOO ✨
p.s guys i didn’t forget about you... men’s line dropping this month i promise 🤞🏼😚."