'Teen Mom' Mackenzie McKee Disables Comments To Controversial Bikini Gymnastics

Mackenzie McKee close up

Mackenzie McKee is treading carefully as she uploads beach gymnastics action that might well have garnered negative comments. The 25-year-old Teen Mom OG star, now back with rocky husband Josh McKee following a 2020 separation, yesterday made it 100% couples as she went full gymnastics on the beach, with the blonde seen delivering some impressive moves while putting on a couple's display with her husband. Posting for her 1 million Instagram followers, Mackenzie was showing off, but she kept fans banned from commenting.

Couples Who Stretch Together..

Mackenzie McKee and Josh in the gym

Scroll for the video, one bringing the mom of three in a cute, bubblegum-pink bikini and from Florida shores - Mackenzie left her Oklahoma base last year as she embarked on a new life out East in 2020, although she kicked off the Florida life solo before reuniting with Josh. Last year, Mackenzie also admitted to cheating on her husband amid allegations that flew both ways.

The video showed Mackenzie being supported by Josh as she eventually delivered an impressive air somersault and landed on her feet.

See Her Insane Gymnastics Below!

Mackenzie, a former cheerleader and now running her Body by Mac fitness plans, was seen celebrating her marriage by straddling her shirtless husband for a strong joint show, then taking to her caption and writing: "Tag your partner and duet us."

The video, reposted from the star's TikTok, comes with comments disabled, although views haven't suffered, with over 300,000 clocked. Also with comments disabled this month has been a beach shot of Mackenzie and Josh, with a caption reading: 

"Just the couple nobody wants together... have a blessed night."

Banning Fan Comments

Mackenzie has been receiving fan comments telling her to split from her husband and that he isn't good enough for her. See her shock cheating reveal after the video.

Summer 2020 marked Mackenzie opening up and revealing that she had cheated. 

"When we were married, when Broncs was a baby, I did get in a relationship with a man and that was in 2017 and he caught me and he left me, and not only did he leave but he gained full custody of the kids," she told The Domenick Nati Show. More photos below.

Cheating Reveal

McKee continued: "And that was one thing he did not care to go on the Internet but I know he was really angry."

"And one day he came home and I decided I was never going to do that again because I saw the hurt but he wasn't giving me what I needed in a man, so I found it in someone else."

Just this month, Mackenzie went on Instagram Live, bragging that she cheated more than her husband did. Josh and Mackenzie share three children: Gannon, Jaxie, and Broncs.