Sommer Ray Fuels Up With Wet Morning Facial

Sommer Ray glancing sideways

Sommer Ray is kicking off the day drenched and with a little G-Fuel to get her day going. The 24-year-old model, largely making headlines for updates posted for her 26.3 million Instagram followers, today sees her name in the news for her activities on TikTok, where over 10.5 million are subscribed. Posting on Tuesday, the bikini bombshell appeared more covered-up than usual, but there was still plenty to look at as Sommer sprayed herself down with the brand she now fronts.

Make It G-Fuel

Scroll for the video. Sommer, who bucks the trend amid social media models and tends not to influence for many brands as she runs her own Sommer Ray's Shop, has seemingly cherry-picked a company she's happy to lend her name to. The Colorado native is the new face of sports drink G-Fuel, and it looks like the canned beverage isn't just for swallowing.

Posting indoors and all smiles today, Sommer greeted fans in a slouchy black and printed hoodie while holding a can of G-Fuel.

See The Video!

Sommer Ray's Shop

Sommer continues to promote her own Sommer Ray's Shop, a brand retailing everything from unisex sweats to its popular Gym to Swim bikinis. Beach workouts have been seeing Ray flog her new resistance bands, and it all came bikini-clad as the star wrote:

"I promise this isn’t the only workout i do guys hahahha but it’s a good one to show off the @shopsommerray booty bandzzz 😝💪🏼 get yours, link in b!000."

The video, seen below, has been viewed over 4.3 million times.

Not A Bimbo

The Cali girl image might afford shallow vibes, but Sommer has set the record straight on not being a bimbo. In 2018, she was profiled by Forbes, telling the magazine:

“I want girls to know that I’m for them. I want to show them my personality and show them that I’m not just a dumb bimbo. Because that’s what you think. You see a girl on Instagram, showing her body, and it’s just substance less.”

Sommer was dubbed "Not Your Average Instagram Model" by the magazine.