Addison Rae Finds Happiness With Stringy Bikini Shower

Addison Rae close up

Addison Rae has found her happy place, complete with a bikini shower. The 20-year-old TikTok superstar, whose likes on the gen-z-friendly platform now top 1.5 billion, has been busy over on her Instagram, kicking the week off with a photo-heavy batch of images and thrilling her 37.8 million followers. Updating on Monday, the new bestie to 42-year-old Kourtney Kardashian showed off beach gains, bikini ones, and she sent out an "I am so happy" caption. Check out the photos and more below.

Happy Days For TikTok Mega-Star

Scroll for the photos, ones that come as Rae expands her career into music with the release of her "Obsessed" track this year. The star, also fresh from gracing Vogue with her 7 Days 7 Looks video, posted opening with a gorgeous and carefree beach photo. Addison was strolling sands in a beyond-tiny black beach dress as she flaunted her toned legs, with a swipe to the right bringing the Instagram-adored swimsuit shower.

Posing under a wooden trellis and taking in soaking-wet shower spray, Addison stunned fans in her minuscule string green bikini - fans just kept swiping, though.

See The Photos!

The bikini action didn't stop there, with a swipe-right then showing the star arching her back while on her knees and on beach sands - here, fans were treated to a loud orange, white, blue, and pink two-piece. "I am so happy" with a heart emoji confirmed things are going well for Addison, who managed to catch over 1.9 million likes in just two hours. Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski was quick to leave a like.

See more photos after the post, where you can swipe for the shower and more.

TV Debut

Talk right now is centering around Addison finally monetizing on her friendship with Poosh founder Kourtney Kardashian. The final season of the Calabasas-family's hit E! show features Addison, with a Keeping Up With The Kardashians trailer recently showing Addison teaching 40-year-old Kim Kardashian how to do the splits. The Item Beauty founder also continues to promote her cosmetics line, perhaps gaining tips of the trade from KKW Beauty founder Kim.

Addison has also been reflecting on how quickly her career took off.

Came Out Of 'Nowhere'

Speaking to Glamour this year, the brunette beauty recalled: "All of a sudden – out of nowhere – I was posting all the time and getting likes, views and followers."

"Social media offered me a really awesome roadway to take. Sometimes the road you didn't think you were going to take is the one that you do, and you're glad that you did.”

Addison also confirmed having zero time for haters: "They don't really truly know me in my heart. There's going to be people that don't like you and that want to tear you down"