Nicole Scherzinger Motivates Monday With Hawaii Waterfall Bikini

Nicole Scherzinger close up
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Nicole Scherzinger arching her back to take in waterfall spray while in a tiny string bikini is definitely doing it for the 'Gram. The 42-year-old former pop star and reality judge, already making Earth Day headlines this month for her bikini action, today returned in her jaw-dropping swimwear to send out love to both her home state of Hawaii and gear fans up for the working week. Posting for her 4.8 million Instagram followers, The Masked Singer face went full bombshell, but she kept it zen. See how below.

Way To Start The Week

Scroll for the video. Nicole, who lives out in Hawaii and has been shouting out nature, posted from a gushing waterfall setting and perched on rocks as water drenched her killer body - she even flipped her wet hair back in slow-motion for dramatic effect. The brunette, who is a workout queen amid her bulimia recovery, sent out feminine curves, but not provocation, as she flaunted her figure in a super-tiny brown bikini.

"The energy I be coming in to this new week like...," the caption read.

See The Video Below!

Definitely doing it for fans were Nicole and her caption, one that saw her add #manamonday as she snagged herself over 22,000 likes in just 15 minutes. A swipe to the right showed a still version, with fire emoji now topping comments.

Earth Day saw Nicole write: 

"Happy #EarthDay everyone!!! So excited to be home in Hawaii and honor the earth, Mother Nature," she wrote, adding a red flower emoji. "I cannot do all the things the earth needs. But the earth needs all the good that I can do." More shots after the video.

Living Her Best Life

Nicole, who has bravely shared her eating disorder battles, has also reached out to other sufferers with encouragement.

"But you can recover and you can get rid of it forever. I did it and that’s why it’s so important for me to share my story…you hide it from the world, you isolate yourself," she wrote: "But you can beat it- do not give up, because you’re so special and you’re meant for such great things.”

Scroll for her locally-sourced and massive shrimp appetite.

Supporting Local

Nicole is fresh from showing her plates and keeping it strictly seafood. Earlier this month, while stunning in a yellow bikini, the SoulCycle lover showcased a massive platter of fresh-caught shrimp, telling fans it was a "shrimp tuck at sunset" and confirming that she was supporting "Local" while on Hawaii's North Shore.

The "Buttons" hit-maker remains more popular than ever thanks to her weekly appearances on The Masked Singer, a show that never fails to enter Twitter's top 10 trends with each airing.