Kelly Ripa Shares Oscars 'Nose Trick' Fans Think Is Plastic Surgery

Kelly Ripa close up
Gettyimages | Amy Sussman

Kelly Ripa is sharing the details of a mind-blowing "nose trick," although the downside is that it's so good, people think the 50-year-old has had plastic surgery. On Sunday, the talk show queen got her Oscars prep on and shared it with her fans, posting stories for her 2.9 million Instagram followers and going full Kardashian-style as her contouring was attended to. The blonde, who has been making headlines for her Wizard of Oz Dorothy getup for the Pre-Oscars on Live!, is now in the news for the face.

'This Is The Nose Trick'

Scroll for the photo. Kelly, who was with hair guru Ryan Trugstad and her trusty makeup artist Kristofer Buckle, was seen in a black backstage robe and kicking off makeup-free - not for long, though. The former actress was seen getting a major contour with face brushes, telling fans:

"This is the nose trick" as bronzer was applied all around the sides of her nose to make it look narrower. "Because people still don't understand how it works," Kelly added. "It's just makeup folks, not knives," Buckle let fans know.

Says People Are 'Convinced'

Kelly, whose stunning look at the 93rd annual Academy Awards last night came with her in a plunging and slit red glitter dress, added that people are simply convinced her nose trick is surgery. The mom of three complimented Buckle, saying: "I know," adding: "You do such a good job that people are convinced. It's just contouring."

Kelly, who has made headlines for vowing by a $4 Amazon product - a bar of Dove soap - has opened up on her beauty routine. Girl learns with age...

Past Mistakes

Speaking to Prevention last year, Kelly revealed: “Ten years ago, I was washing my face with soap and water—the harshest soap possible and the hottest water possible,” adding: “And now it’s really about making up for all of that by being gentle with my skin and prepping it before I put makeup on.”

“I do a good vigorous brush of my entire body. I brush up towards my heart and down towards my hands.”

Ripa is now a fan of a new celebrity brand. See it below andmore photos.

Digging Lisa Rinna's Lip Kits

If you follow Bravo face Lisa Rinna on Instagram, you'll immediately spot that likes from Kelly Ripa don't take long. The star is a big fan of 57-year-old Lisa's 2020-launched Rinna Beauty brand, having even rocked the lipsticks on her syndicated talk show.

Kelly added that she "always" wears sunscreen: “Sun bounces off reflective surfaces and you don’t realize the older you get, it’s the sun you experienced as a teenager when you didn’t protect your skin that comes back to haunt you as a 50 year old.”