Sadie Robertson Shares Super Sweet Baby Name In Unconventional Way

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Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson looked to her roots as a devout Christian when choosing her daughter's moniker. However, while she did use the Bible as a baby name book, she didn't pay tribute to one of the women in its pages (think Ruth, Mary, Delilah, Esther, etc.). Instead, she was inspired by a sticky sweet substance that's often mentioned in its verses. 

Sadie, 23, also made the unconventional decision to share her baby's name with her Instagram followers before the little girl arrives, and she gave them an in-depth explanation of her unique choice. 

Sadie Didn't Want The Name To Leak

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Sadie revealed her daughter's name in an Instagram post on Friday. She explained that she wanted her fans to learn it from her and her husband, Christian Huff, instead of from "things going around." This suggests that the couple already shared it with some people and were fearful that it would get leaked. 

In mid-January, Sadie revealed that she was 25 months into her pregnancy, which would make her due date early in May. She and Christian discovered that they were having a baby girl in November, and their gender reveal involved white clothing and pink paint. 

And Her Daughter's Name Is...


Winnie the Pooh toys might be popular gifts for Sadie and Christian's daughter, because she shares her name with the bear's favorite food: Honey. 

Sadie revealed that the name comes from a Bible verse that she really loves, Proverbs‬ ‭16:24‬.

“Gracious words are like HONEY, sweetness to the soul and health to the body.”

The moniker also has a deeper meaning for Sadie. She pointed out that honey has a "strong healing component," and she immediately thought of the effect that Christian has on her when they were reading the verse together. 

"I said to him, 'you have words like honey. they are so sweet and are healing places in my heart I didn’t even know needed to be healed,'" Sadie wrote. 

A Family Connection

Sadie further explained that the word honey is music to her ears because it's a term of endearment that her great grandmother often uses. She revealed that her daughter's middle name will be James, but did not share the inspiration for that choice.   

Sadie's post included a photo of a teddy bear wearing a "Honey" sweater and a picture of herself and Christian holding up a pair of coffee mugs. Hers had the word honey painted on it, and she divulged that it was a tribute to "the boy with the honey words."

Sadie's Health Scare

 Sadie also shared a message for her unborn daughter.

"Oh Honey, you are named with such intention," she wrote. "I pray over you all the time that you would be sweet and strong and you know what? I already know it that you are. Those words will be your super power in life."

It's fitting that Sadie chose to name her daughter after a substance with healing properties, because she found herself in need of some healing during her pregnancy. Last October, she revealed that she had been diagnosed with COVID-19, and she got sick enough that she had to be hospitalized. Luckily, she recovered, but she told People that she suffered from "aftereffects for a while," including a strange metallic taste in her mouth.