Kelsea Ballerini Thanks Mother Earth In Tangerine Bikini

Kelsea Ballerini in the street

Kelsea Ballerini is stunning from a lagoon and in a skimpy tangerine bikini to celebrate Earth Day. The 27-year-old country singer today joined the slew of celebrities marking the planet-friendly calendar date, with an Instagram post shared with the blonde's 2.3 million followers shouting out the planet and definitely giving a nod to nature. Opening with a gorgeous, ethereal lagoon shot, the "homecoming queen?" singer honored the planet, with more photos showing her love of the outdoors and the ocean. Check it out below.

Tagged At 'Mother Earth'

Scroll for the photos. They come as Kelsea largely makes headlines for that Jessica Rabbit slit Dolce & Gabbana dress -the Tennessee native's ACM Awards look this month did not go unnoticed.

Posting a photo-heavy batch of images today, the singer opened with her back to the camera, wearing a strapless orange bikini and stretching her arms right up from a deep blue-green lagoon and mossy setting. Kelsea offered no clue as to where in the world she was, showing off her slim back and soaking-wet hair.

See The Photos Below!

A quick swipe to the right showed tree tops at sunset, with Ballerini re-appearing on an outdoor deck and in a wintry leggings and puffer jacket getup, with another image showing skies. Kelsea even peeped her fans from a snowy setting, sharing further shots of an outdoor pool and herself gazing up at a pink sky.

"I’ve seen more of your shores than ever imagined
red and gold sunsets persuasive of magic
birds-eyed Grand canyons and dove waterfalls
wandered through woodlands, wild oaks rising tall," the caption began.

Blowing Fans Away

Scroll below for the entire gallery.

Blowing fans away with her snaps and her words, the singer continued:

"Felt the salt in your oceans heal from within
with a kiss from the sun that you welcome in
as the birds flutter high and the wildflowers bloom
then I rest in green grass as we laugh the moon."

Kelsea has been making headlines for encouraging fans to enjoy a little sunshine when they can. Early parts of the pandemic saw the "Hole In The Bottle" singer sunbathing on her white Jeep and saying sun does a girl good. More photos below.

Instagram Loves Her

Kelsea's fanbase, shooting up following the COVID release of her kelsea studio album, has been getting some pretty epic treats. 2020 saw the star make headlines for a kitchen workout where she used her mouth to dip tortilla chips into a jar of ranch as she joked it was a sweat session, with the star's McDonald's socks and wine-drinking likewise making the news.

Kelsea has also been admitting that she just can't keep away from Chick-Fil-A, last year calling her trips to the fast-food joint a "weekly date."