Ireland Baldwin Fans Go Buck Wild Over Thong Bikini & New Butt Tattoo

Ireland Baldwin wearing gold hoop earrings
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Ireland Baldwin might look like your typical Cali girl, but she used her derriere as a canvas that will permanently pay tribute to her inner cowgirl. On Sunday bun day, The 25-year-old daughter of actors Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger announced that she's going to take a hiatus from Instagram. She started her break with a bang by sharing a picture of the new tattoo on her tush, and she had her 656,000 followers hootin' and hollerin' over her cheeky body art. 

Ireland Bids Farewell To Her Fans 

Ireland Baldwin wearing white tank top
Instagram | Ireland Baldwin

Scroll down a hair more to see the boot on Ireland's booty. In her caption, the model and influencer revealed that she didn't put a lot of thought into the latest addition to her extensive collection of tats. 

"Taking more time off of Instagram buttttt I got a new tattoo because I ❤️ impulsive decisions," she wrote. 

Ireland's fondness for body art is clear in some of her past posts, which include a video of her giving the portrait of David Bowie on her shoulder a bold makeover.  

A Little Bit Country


Ireland's ink was on her left butt cheek. It included a depiction of a small cowboy boot with spurs and the words "Yee Haw!" written in cartoonish letters. To show it off, she pulled down what appeared to be a brown dress. Underneath it, she had on a bikini that included a pair of purple thong bottoms that showcased her peachy saddle sitter. The straps of her top were the same lilac hue, while the back and front of the garment were pink. 

Home On The Range

Ireland's picture was taken on a beach. In the background, there was a large rock formation and a steep mountainside covered with dark trees. Her blond hair was wet and pushed back, indicating that she'd recently gone for a swim. She gave the camera a sly grin as she looked down at it over her shoulder.

She didn't reveal where her photo was taken, but a previous post revealed that she was spending some time at one of Skydog Ranch's locations. The sanctuaries for wild horses and burros are located in Bend, Oregon and Malibu, California. The presence of the sea suggested that she was likely at the latter. 


Ireland's Ink Causes A Ruckus

Ireland's Instagram followers seemed to think that she looked as fine as cream gravy in her bikini, and the tattoo on her hindquarters caused quite the hullabaloo.

"Sweet cheeks!" read one response to her post.

"Yeehaw tattoo is hot! 🔥🔥 it’s very tasteful and sexy at the same time ❤️," another admirer wrote. 

"I see your BOOT-y 😅👢🍑," quipped a third fan.

"Double damn cowgirl 🐎," a fourth Instagrammer added. 

In addition to the boot on her butt and the Bowie above her bicep, Ireland's collection of tattoos includes a huge red rose on her right hip, the word "mosh" on her armpit, the animated movie character Totoro, Hello Kitty, and vampire fangs with red lips.