Gymnast McKayla Maroney Lucks Out With Tight Wardrobe Malfunction

Rebecca Cukier

Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney is saying she feels "a million bucks" while revealing a too-tight pants wardrobe malfunction. The 25-year-old vault queen, majorly in the news this year for both a late-night E.R. visit and subsequent surgery for kidney stones, has been showing all the signs of recovery, but some things can't be fixed. On the weekend, the London 2012 Olympics face updated via her Glohé wellness account to talk de-cluttering her wardrobe, and the reveal came photographic, complete with pants that just didn't fit.

Pants Just Didn't Fit

Scroll for the photos. McKayla, who has joked about eating "too many French fries" this year, likely wasn't seeing the pants too small, but the California native did express not finding the right fit. Posting in selfie mode and from her home, the brunette stunned fans in a chic black top and monochrome finish ensemble, wearing tapered and tailored cream pants and just about flashing her stomach.

Going edgy in shades, Maroney wore tousled hair down, plus heeled black ankle booties.

See The Photos!

Posing on bar kitchen stools and backed by home furnishings and potted planters, McKayla took to her caption, writing:

"Just returned a ton of clothes that didn’t fit and I feel like a million bucks," adding: "Online shopping returns were piling up for me, including these pants. 😂 (The 2nd pair don’t fit right in the back)."

McKayla then revealed she's the kind of person who just won't make a clothing purchase unless she can try it on, with the global pandemic, of course, putting a stop to that option. Scroll for more photos after the gallery below, where you can swipe.

Moving Swiftly On

Maroney, whose wellness account regularly shouts out the benefits of wearing sunscreen - no, really, it's all over the feed - was quick to move onto her favorite topic.

"I also just ordered some new curtains, and hung up some pretty gold rods, so please excuse the ugly cardboard boxes in the background," she continued:  "My place was getting overwhelmingly bright even with the blinds down.
I literally wear my sunblock inside cuz I’m paranoid."

The final selfie, with 100% no makeup, showed a gorgeous face with sunscreen on. More photos below.

Fans Lapping It Up

"To tie this post up, I threw in a complimentary “I just woke up” no make up pic since this is a skin care Instagram. 😚💗," the star concluded, wishing her fans a "happy weekend" and sending "blessings and love."

Fans, who have been wishing McKayla well since her kidney stones, that didn't budge in "three weeks," finally came out, have been sending the thumbs-up. "Oh Kay. Check you out," one wrote. McKayla is largely followed on her main IG, where 1.3 million have hit "follow." In 2021, she deleted her TikTok.