Chanel West Coast Needs Opinions In Painted-On Bodysuit

Chanel West Coast close up

Chanel West Coast can't decide whether her apple bottom booty or front-view shot is "cuter." The 32-year-old rapper and MTV face either way looked jaw-dropping in some very snazzy and expensive Versace ahead of the weekend, with the "No Plans" hit-maker's 3.5 million Instagram followers getting quite the show-off. Chanel, whose middle name is a luxury brand, was going full Italian in her black-and-gold Versace bodysuit, and the skin-tight fabrics weren't leaving much to the imagination. Check out the looks below. 

'Versace Versace'

Scroll for the photos. Chanel, who made headlines this year for opening Season 21 of Ridiculousness in Versace sweats, was sticking to the brand led by Donatella Versace. The rapper uploaded multiple snaps, all showing her shot against blue skies and absolutely poppin' with her cute face, slim waist and in a long-sleeved, beyond-tight bodysuit from VERSACE JEANS Couture.

It was leafy motifs from the brand adored by the Kardashians, with Chanel also rocking a single long braid as she posed front and back.

See The Photos!

Chanel captioned the first thirst trap: "Versace Versace style hot like hibachi," then returning for more in the look. The final batch saw the LOL Cartel founder write: "Which pic is cuter 1 or 2?" See more photos after the shot - you can swipe for the gallery.

The photos come as Chanel just can't get enough of in-your-face luxury labels, with 2021 seeing the star make major headlines for her "Beverly Hills Booty" shots, these coming with Chanel in head-to-toe and tight Burberry. See it below!

Scroll For Her Beverly Hills Booty!

Chanel, who has influenced for Fashion Nova with her partner status, has opened up both on the cheap and cheerful and the $$$.

"I work with stylists here and there for shoots or red carpet events. My day-to-day style is a little bit more casual, but whenever I’m on the red carpet or doing photo shoots, or music videos, I like to be a lot more glamorous," she told Fashionista.

"I love Giuseppe, Jimmy Choo; I love Chanel obviously; I love Balmain, Givenchy, all of the dope brands," she added. More after the Burberry shot.


Song Honors Chanel Director

Chanel is also known for her "Karl" track, one that honored now-deceased and legendary Chanel director Karl Lagerfeld. West Coast's 2020-released America's Sweetheart album also sees her rap about Balenciagas "on my feet" on "Bonkers" and name-drop brands including Off-White and Dior. 

"I want to be known obviously for my music first and foremost, but as an artist I definitely want people to know that I’m into fashion and get a sense of my style," West Coast added while speaking to Fashionista.