Iggy Azalea Challenged In Tight Tank Tongue Flick

Iggy Azalea close up

Iggy Azalea is getting challenged while tongue-flicking in a skin-tight white tank top. The 30-year-old rapper, fresh from her April 4 "Sip It" release with Tyga, was promoting her latest beats on TikTok over the weekend, but her fans were sending the thumbs-down. Iggy received no complaints over her cute face, slim waist, but the "Fancy" hit-maker's followers expressed disappointment over her music. Quite simply, they don't feel the latest track is up to scratch. Check out the video and reactions below. 

Tough Crowd

Scroll for the video. Iggy, who achieved immense success with the 2020 release of "Dance Like Nobody's Watching" featuring Tinashe, seems to be facing criticism with her 2021 drop. 

The mom of one updated with a goofy and sexy TikTok, posting first in a dark t-shirt and with concealer all over her face, then whipping into bombshell mode, all smiles and all tongue flick as she shook her jaw-dropping body in a tight white tank top and dark sweatpants. See it below.

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New Era For New Mom

Iggy's release comes as her second since she welcomed son Onyx in April 2020. Iggy's pregnancy, never announced, was even rumored to have been inspired by Kylie Jenner's secret one, with the star only announcing her son after his arrival, in June of last year. Iggy welcomed Onyx with 24-year-old rapper and now-ex, Playboi Carti. 

“Iggy’s doing really great and she’s so strong. She’s living at a level of euphoria with Onyx and you can clearly see how bonded they are and how much she loves being a mom," a source told Hollywood Life. See her baby below!

Hands-On Mom

Iggy Azalea holding her baby

Iggy, who has trashed her baby daddy all over Twitter and alleged Carti abandoned his own son over Christmas 2020, is reported to be super hands-on.

"She’s not at all letting her past heartbreak and the fact that she is raising a baby alone bother her at all. She’s over it and doing her own thing. She’s an extremely hands on mother and is really focusing on making the holidays as nice and fun as possible for Onyx," the source added.