Sommer Ray Chows Massive KFC In Minuscule Bikini

Sommer Ray close up
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Sommer Ray is plowing her way through a massive KFC order and she's doing it in tiny swimwear. The 24-year-old fitness model and social media sensation made it binge central for her 26.1 million Instagram followers today, posting very real footage of herself ingesting calories from the popular fried chicken chain and showing off her bikini body at the same time. Sommer, last year ordering both Chick-Fil-A and In-N-Out in the same day, was proving that some things never change. Check it out below. 

Bikinis and KFC

Sommer Ray outdoors in jeans

Scroll for the video. Sommer is currently away from her L.A. base and enjoying a vacation in luxurious Antigua, where updates have already brought the Colorado native flaunting her jaw-dropping bikini body and showing off the beachfront lifestyle.

Today was all about the food. Sommer was seen in a super-tiny and thong red bikini at an outdoor bar and with a gal pal. The blonde, also wearing a black baseball cap from her Sommer Ray's Shop brand, was filmed plowing through corn on the cob, also surrounded by giant buckets of KFC.

See Her Chow-Down Below!

After working her way through the corn, Sommer then destroyed the fried chicken, opening wide with a giant piece and even reaching into more of the paper bags for her next bite. The video clocked over 100,000 views in under an hour, with Sommer writing: "Thriving," also telling fans to "get your SR hat @shopsommerray."

Sommer last year complained she was "slacking" in the diet and exercise department. The burger lover does not, however, seem to see calories sticking to her waistline. See more photos after the video.

All About The Food

Sommer has snacked on Ruffles in bubblegum-pink bikinis. She also made early pandemic headlines for revealing she was at her "happiest" eating only Lucky Charms cereal three times a day and for two days straight. The workout queen is, however, big-time burning it off, with recent videos seeing Ray promote resistance bands from her clothing and swim line.

"Promise this isn’t the only workout i do guys hahahha but it’s a good one to show off the @shopsommerray booty bandzzz," she wrote to caption a beach workout. See it below.

Running An Empire

Sommer has now clocked over 4 million views to the below video, one that sees her continuing to use Instagram to her best advantage. She's even joked about the way she promotes her merch, with a fake Louis Vuitton purse grab this year.

"Just a random series of pics of me fake trying to find something in my bag to look cute lol but guyyssss the presidents’ day sale on," Sommer wrote back in February.