Iggy Azalea Grabs You Groceries In Apple Bottom Shorts

Iggy Azalea with green hair

Iggy Azalea is offering up her services as an errands girl, and she's doing it in skin-tight bike shorts. The 30-year-old rapper and new mom, fresh from the April 4 release of new "Sip It" track with Tyga, has been dropping major body action for her 14.4 million Instagram followers, kicking the week off with a trip to the store and helpfully asking if anyone needs anything. Iggy, who features a convenience store in her new music video, dedicated her post today to, well, you. Check it out below. 

Lets The Paparazzi Do The Talking

Iggy Azalea in shirtless jacket

Scroll for the photo. Iggy, who last year defended her "wide walk" as paparazzi street shots of her sparked comments, was back to getting the cameras snapping her. The "Fancy" hit-maker, first posting street shots of herself carrying a takeout juice and with her hair all green, showed off her jaw-dropping snap-back body in the tightest of black bike shorts with bright colorways, going paneled in a matching tank and wearing high heels.

Iggy, masked, told fans: "I looked cute." See it below.

Keep Scrolling For The Photos!

Iggy Azalea in spandex indoors

Ensuring her latest release got a little promo, the Aussie added: "Sorry, had to post also - don’t forget to look on my website cause I got cute merch. Andddd thanks to everyone making cute art for sip it I love it all!!!! Have a great day 💚🙂."

Next up, came a post showing off the blonde's famous rear, with the revealing shot seeing Iggy exiting a car at night and clutching her keys. "Anyway, ya'll want sumn from the store? Annoying as-es," she humorously added. See more photos after the shot! 

Fans Are Ordering

When Iggy asks, fans answer. "Can I get a sprite cranberry?" one fan asked. "Some water," another added, with a third asking for Hot Cheetos. 

Iggy is fresh from some major fan headlines, ones seeing her expose the X-rated DMs she's been receiving from her desperate followers. "This isn't me showing "off" my DMs, it's me clowning the crazy/gross/desperate DMs I get for a giggle because girls often do that on TikTok. Lmao," the rapper wrote as DMs saw fans offering to get mouthy around her backside. More photos below.

Swooping Into Her Own Comments

Iggy was quick to swoop into her own comments today, with the first photo bringing her topping replies as she wrote:

"Any more of y’all try to say that damn civic belongs to me and Ima fight you 😹🥲 wtf! Lmao I can’t."

Iggy continues to make headlines for slowly showing more of April 2020-born son Onyx. The star's first child, welcomed following a secret pregnancy, is shared with her 24-year-old ex Playboi Carti. The 2018-commenced couple split at the end of last year.