Madonna's Daughter Lourdes Leon Rocks Armpit Hair In Mini Dress

Lourdes Leon smiles with Madonna
Gettyimages | Craig Barritt

Lourdes Leon posed for a selfie with Madonna, and the resemblance between the mother and daughter was uncanny. However, it was the presence of body hair in the pic that got some netizens all worked up.

Madonna, 62, shared the photo of herself and her look-alike daughter on her Instagram page over the weekend. Lourdes, 24, was shown holding a phone up to snap a selfie with her mother. When she raised her arm up, she revealed that she was rocking a generous amount of armpit hair.

Her Mom's Mini-Me In A Mini Dress

Keep scrolling down to see Lourdes proudly flaunting her body hair. 

The dark-haired beauty wore a green mini dress with a drawstring-style halter neck and plunging sides. The garment left a lot of skin on display, but Lourdes was clearly comfortable showing off her body, an enviable trait that she inherited from her edgy, envelope-pushing mother. Her dark hair was sleek and straight. 

Madonna had on a white maxi dress with lace accents. The blond icon accessorized with a floral crown, and she wore her golden hair styled in waves. While the two women were rocking two wildly different styles, their physical features were so similar that they looked like sisters.

Madonna's Sweet Message For Her Daughter


In her caption, Madonna paid tribute to Lourdes with a moving message about the special bond that she shares with her daughter, whom she affectionately refers to as "Lola." 

"Like Pieces of your Heart Walking around outside of you," she wrote. 

During an interview with Vogue, the proud mom also had plenty of positive things to say about Lourdes, although she did admit that she's "green with envy" over how talented her daughter is. The "Material Girl" hitmaker revealed that Lourdes can sing, act, and play the piano. However, Madonna confessed that her daughter lacks the ambition that helped her become one of the biggest pop stars in the world.

Fans React To The Family Photo

Madonna's 15.8 million Instagram followers showed their appreciation for the rare family photo by liking it over 730,000 times. They also had a lot to say about Lourdes' dark body hair, and there were plenty of critics of the natural look.

"Trying to be tolerant, kind, and not judgmental but the armpit hair makes me cringe," read one comment.

"Please please shave under your arms it’s gross and not feminine at all," wrote another Instagrammer. 

However, the supporters seemed to outnumber the body hair haters. 

"2021 and people are still surprised that an adult woman has body hair," wrote one fan.

"Why are you guys so worried about someone else armpit hair? Hair is NATURAL get over it, everybody has hair," another message read.

She Got It From Her Mama

Madonna has also rocked armpit hair before. In 2014, she did her part to normalize the look by sharing an Instagram photo of her own unshaven underarm area. 

"Long hair...... Don't Care!!!!!!" she captioned the pic. 

Lourdes might not share her mother's drive to succeed in the entertainment industry, but she clearly possesses her desire to express herself through her look. Lourdes has done a lot of modeling, with People pointing out that her armpit hair made an appearance in her photos for Marc Jacobs' Spring 2021 campaign. Last year, she was also the face of the Parade x Juicy Couture underwear collab