Gymnast Nastia Liukin Addresses Anorexia Comments With Undies Snacking

Nastia Liukin close up

Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin isn't having people suggest she doesn't eat, and her 1 million Instagram followers today got her helping out a fellow "thin" person who receives disordered eating comments. On Thursday, the 2008 all-around champion took to her stories for a Q&A, with a photo of her snacking in skimpy underwear seeing her answer the fan question. Nastia, who has defended her "gross skinny chicken legs" in 2021 and faced an anorexia storm in 2020, was setting the record straight. Check it out below.

Gymnasts Do Eat

Nastia Liukin smiles with ice-cream

Scroll for the photo. Nastia, who revealed gymnast mom Anna Kotchneva told her to "have a cookie" if she wants one while speaking to The Cut in 2016, hadn't shared a junk food session, but she did include food. The blonde uploaded a photo of herself munching down on an apple while in a stretchy black sports bra from high-end brand Dior, with the image leading the way as Nastia answered the fan with honesty. 

"How u respond to comments about weight? I'm very thin and everyone thinks it's a disorder," the fan wrote.

See Her Undies Chomp Below!

Nastia, who said she felt "triggered" and "p-ssed" last year as a fan DM asked her how she feels about "promoting borderline anorexia looking bodies," replied.

"Story of my life," the Pottery Barn partner began. "It used to bother me a lot," she continued: "Because I get comments and messages on a daily - but it certainly doesn't bother me like it used to." Nastia added that she'd grown a "little thicker skin," then mentioning the celebratory birthday Shake Shack burger and fries she enjoyed while turning 31 last year. 

Scroll For Her Bubble Bath Stretch!

Nastia Liukin eating an apple

Liukin added being "genetically blessed with some pretty great genes" as she shouted out her Olympic gymnast parents. Nastia, who has seen fans allege she only fuels her training days with black coffee, has steadily been clapping back at the haters, with the Gold Medal winner also confirming that she always stocks her home pantry with Oreo cookies.

"I also remember my mom telling me, “If you want a cookie, have a cookie.” Because then you’re going to get to a point where just like you want ten cookies and you’re going to eat ten."

More photos below.

All About Balance

Nastia Liukin in a bubble bath

While speaking with The Cut, Liukin added: "So allow yourself to have that. Yeah, maybe don’t have a cookie every single day, but if you want one, then have one. It’s all about having that balance and not getting too crazy about it because that’s definitely not good for anybody."

Nastia, who regularly blogs about food, has also shared her favorite restaurants in her Dallas, TX base. The gymnast is big-time into Mexican food and pizza. She's even shared a snap of herself chowing down on a slice.