Bella Thorne Hangs Around Versace Mansion In Suspender Underwear

Rebecca Cukier

Bella Thorne has clocked over 1.6 million views in just five hours for dramatically parading around the Versace Mansion in Miami, FL in only sexy suspender undies. The 23-year-old actress, singer, and ContentX founder was today promoting the social media influencer agency she founded in 2020, and it was hot stuff from the former Disney star. Posting for her 24.4 million Instagram followers, Bella showcased her bombshell curves with a luxury edge, and it was full glam for the star who often appears in ripped Daisy Dukes and without a scrap of makeup.

You Go Versace, You Dress Up

Scroll for the video. Bella, fresh in the news as she confirms she is engaged to Italian pop star boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo, was likely making male fans wish the ring would fly off. 

Sashaying as double French doors opened with a flourish, Bella appeared in very bondage-style black undies adorned with gold cups, metallic studs, and an open belted patch detail on the naughty bottoms, ones that turned out to be thonged as the red-head, here blonde, turned around. See it below.

See The Video Below!

Wearing her signature two watches and giving fans a full 360 to showcase her peachy behind as she eventually jumped up and down, Bella highlighted the figure that's so often a headline-maker, then taking to her caption. "@contentxstudios Versace mansion," the Netflix star wrote, quickly getting a "woah" emoji from her soon-to-be husband.

ContentX is founded with Thorne's long-time manager Thor Bradwell and follows her business venture in marijuana, one bringing her Forbidden Flowers brand. See more photos after the video - and best keep the kiddies out the room.

Content X Era

Speaking in a statement, Bella mentioned her new company with excitement, saying: "I’m excited to create Content X for this generation’s young creative forces and their social medium platforms."

"Content X will also specialize in identifying young writers, directors, etc. on social media to give them a platform to develop their skills, etc," she added.

Of course, Thorne remains infamous for her 2020 OnlyFans sign-up, earning $1 million in 24 hours from the adult subscription site, then going onto net $2 million in under a week. More below.

Just Engaged!

Bella, who was in an open relationship with YouTuber Tana Mongeau and rapper Mod Sun ahead of her 2019 split from them, is now happily loved-up with the man she's just said "yes" to. Bella and Benjamin Mascolo met at Coachella, quickly getting close, although the pandemic has forced them apart.

Mexico has been the couple's destination of choice for meet-ups, with Mascolo not allowed to enter the U.S. as his travel to see Bella is not deemed essential. In 2020, the two were reunited after nearly five months apart.