Iggy Azalea All Hoops With Late-Night Tongue Flick

Iggy Azalea close up

Iggy Azalea is back to her trademark tongue-flicking, and she's delivering it with late-night heat. The 30-year-old rapper and new mom, fresh from the April 4 release of new "Sip It" track with Tyga, was back to teasing her 14.4 million Instagram followers last night, posting with both her signature finish and two very different hair colors. Iggy, who has been rocking choppy green hair since the release of her latest song, was back to high ponytail action, but she hadn't abandoned the hoop earrings look that's now her own. Check it out below. 

Back On Her Flick

Scroll for the video. It comes as Iggy makes headlines for finally opening up on her secret 2020 pregnancy - the Fancy" hit-maker never announced she was expecting, confirming the April 2020 arrival of son Onyx a few months later.

All good looks and definitely not throwing out diaper action, Iggy updated on Wednesday night and in naughty pouting mode, throwing out her signature tongue flick while in a tight black and paneled top, plus a small pair of stylish hoop earrings.  

See Her Flick!

Iggy, who first appeared with bright green hair worn up and with two loose strands down, quickly re-appeared with the same outfit and a yellow hair edit, with the bombshell smiling as she was backed by rails of clothing. No caption was used, and seemingly it wasn't needed. Scroll for more photos and a video after the flick.

Iggy has been making headlines just this week for exposing thirsty and X-rated DMs sent to her by desperate fans, also finding herself in the news for admitting she felt like a "jerk" by keeping her pregnancy hidden.

Scroll For Her Baby!

Speaking on "Overserved With Lisa Vanderpump," the mom of one also addressed her post-baby shape, saying: "I thought I'd have to get lots of plastic surgery, but then I didn't have to get any."

"I didn't get a stomach that I'd need to hide, and then with COVID, I was just like, ''I'll just keep it a secret'',' Iggy added. "I don't have to go outside.'"


"He was a planned baby. I just wondered if I would want to have more than one child, so I thought that maybe I should figure that out before I'm as old as dust."

See more photos below!

Stuns Fans After Baby

Iggy Azalea holding her baby

Iggy has also been sharing her postpartum weight loss, with November 2020 marking her reveal of a massive 20-pound drop. Despite bedtime TikTok videos showing the "Dance Like Nobody's Watching" rapper chowing down on pizza, she revealed that the weight wasn't planned to come off. Azalea swore she wasn't bragging, even asking any "other" new moms if they'd experienced the same thing.

Iggy is raising her son solo following her split from 24-year-old rapper and baby daddy Playboi Carti. She has alleged he both cheated and abandoned his son over Christmas.