Chanel West Coast Needs Opinions In Thigh-Highs Without Pants

Chanel West Coast close up

Chanel West Coast can't make up her mind which of her photos she prefers, so she's asking her 3.5 million Instagram followers. The 32-year-old rapper and MTV face, never one to do a look by half, today updated with a red-hot and all-black outfit that came pantless and in thigh-highs, with the Ridiculousness star also going Kardashian-style with a high-top braid. Chanel, who is promoting latest "Bonkers" track from 2020-released America's Sweetheart album, is now driving the fans bonkers. See why below.

Never Dull On Her Instagram

Chanel West Coast outdoors in Burberry

Scroll for the photo. It comes as Chanel steadily promotes tracks, one by one, from immensely-popular and delayed album America's Sweetheart. The star, who has already released her pandemic-penned "No Plans," plus NFL-themed "40 Yard Dash," is now showing off a brand look to shout out "Bonkers."

Going very bottomless and with her apple bottom on show, Chanel updated all thonged-out in only a strappy black bodysuit as she wore an edgy black leather jacket off-the-shoulder, with the rapper then returning for yet more snaps.

See The Photo!

Going scandalous and managing to stay classy at the same time, the L.A. native threw out her good looks and the COVID weight loss she's admitted to, writing: "My DMs hectic, but my type selective." 

Quick to follow was Chanel unable to make up her mind over her photos, with the giggly star asking: "Which pic y'all like better? 1 or 2? lmk."

"COME THROUGH CHEEKS!" a fan quickly replied, with West Coast also told she "snapped on BOTH homie." See more photos after the snaps, where you can swipe right.

Complained About Instagram Likes

Chanel, whose headlines are never dull and have this year brought her lobster-level sunburn during her Miami Beach travels, made 2020 headlines for a giant rant, one seeing her complain she doesn't get enough Instagram likes.

"I am the most friendly motherf-cker ever," she said. " I just like people I like everybody. Unless you give me a reason to not like you, I fu-king like you. And if I follow you, I'ma like your pictures, unless it's like a really ugly bad picture maybe I won't like it."

More photos below.

Ushering In New Era

Chanel's album was due to be released in 2016. Despite the massive delay, the 19-track EP is now super-popular, and it's been seeing the star give thanks to the one person who gave her a chance. Chanel thanks Ridiculousness co-star Rob Dydrek on the record, specifically for giving a "b-tch" a job. Rob hired Chanel as a secretary on Fantasy Factory back in 2009.

Chanel continues to make headlines for her Instagram updates, ones that have this year brought her "Beverly Hills booty" in skin-tight and head-to-toe Burberry.