Halle Berry Wears Only Stilettos In Early Morning Bathtub Soak

Halle Berry smiles cose up

Halle Berry is hanging around in the buff for an early morning bath soak and wearing only high heels. The 54-year-old Hollywood actress made quite a bang with her Tuesday Instagram update, posting a little self-care moment that upped the ante with the Oscar winner flaunting her killer legs and proving the 20-somethings can shove it. Posting for her 6.8 million followers, Halle kept it techy with a smartphone scroll, but eyes were likely on the Monster's Ball actress famous figure.

'You Up Yet?'

Scroll for the photo, one that may have seen Halle texting new boyfriend Van Hunt, with the star reportedly considering settling down with the singer. Halle, who has updated with her beau and shown off the couple's twinning bare feet, had this time slipped her tootsies into something way fancier.

The snap showed Halle lounging back in a textured wood and encarved boho tub, one seeing the actress by a window and seemingly at the crack of dawn. Berry, with one arm over her head, was all legs, no clothes, and one spiky pair of stilettos.

Keep Scrolling For The Photo!

Showing off her MMA-trained body, one that's completed three year's worth of martial arts training in just six months, Halle gazed at her phone with her legs kicked high up, taking to her caption and writing: "You up?"

Halle, who last year launched her Re-Spin fitness line and actively promotes it on her Instagram and often with personal trainer Peter Lee Thomas, has been opening up on the pandemic and her forms of self-care. Unsurprisingly, that's workouts for the muscle machine. See more photos after the shot! 

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Halle Berry working out with her trainer



Speaking to Harper's Bazaar, the mom of two stated:

"During this pandemic over at Rē•spin and also with my trainer, Peter Lee Thomas, with our Fitness Fridays [on Instagram], we've been really trying to inspire people to work out at home," adding: "We've been telling them that you don't have to have a big membership to stay healthy, and stay well, and stay fit and strong."

Halle has since updated to front alkaline spring water brand Flow - her brand endorsement power hasn't gone anywhere. More photos below.

Reframing The Narrative

Berry also touched on what people feel they should do, versus what the world offers. The actress added:

"I think for so long people thought, 'You have to have a trainer. You have to have a gym membership. You have to have all this equipment. You have to eat certain meals. That costs a certain amount." 

"I think we've talked ourselves out of being fit, sometimes, because we think it's something that's unobtainable or not affordable."

Affordable is something this star knows. Her Re-Spin wrist bands retail for an attractive $14.99