Gymnast McKayla Maroney Fights Distracted Drivers With Leo Handstand

McKayla Maroney close up

Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney is ensuring distracted drivers become history. The 25-year-old former athlete and vault queen today unveiled she's the new celebrity face of car insurance giant GEICO, with a video posted for her 1.3 million Instagram followers also including her astounding flexibility. Posting on Friday and including her famous skill-set and some humor, McKayla made sure it's do not disturb while you drive, with GEICO appearing to have hired itself one witty copywriter. Check out the video and photos below.

Strict Warning

McKayla Maroney in jeans

Scroll for the video. McKayla, who has been in the news of late for her kidney stones E.R. visit in February, plus undergoing surgery for her diagnosis last month, was looking fighting fit and on mighty good form. The London 2012 Olympics face, shot outdoors on a lawn and in front of a house, was back in her signature leotard, with the California native showing off her gorgeous figure and plenty of muscle.

Addressing fans, McKayla introduced herself, then throwing in the funny.

See The Video Below!

McKayla Maroney in yoga pants

Shortly before flipping her body into a steely-strong handstand and eventually entering an upside-down split, the brunette added:

"To remind you to put your phone on do not disturb while in driving mode. What do you think? You're gonna miss a text from me offering to teach you to do this?"

"Nope" was the answer as McKayla's voice faded out and a male one reminded viewers to stick their phones on do not disturb while driving. Scroll for more photos after the video.

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McKayla Maroney in a dress

McKayla wound up in the news for health reasons in February after sharing a late-night trip to the E.R., one that resulted in a kidney stones diagnosis. Maroney shared the hospital exterior and a hospital gown snap, writing:

"Tuesday I was throwing up all day, with severe pain in my back and stomach, Had to come to ER at 3am because pain kept getting worse, and I couldn't stop throwing up."

"Just got my CT scan back. I have a few kidney stones," she added. More photos below.

Bouncing Back After Surgery

McKayla Maroney hospital gown photo

Maroney has since confirmed that the surgery she had to undergo in late March went well. "I think my surgery was a success. On to recovery," she told fans. She'd also admitted fearing going under the knife, particularly the "toll" surgery takes.

"I was pretty sad, and scared of the bad possible outcomes, and the pain. I'm happy it's over, but it's gonna [sic] be at least a week more of pain w this stint then I'll be good I think," McKayla added.