Jessie James Decker Shows Off 'Granny Panties' She Likes

Jessie James Decker close up selfie

Jessie James Decker is showing off a pair of "granny panties" she actually likes. The 32-year-old country singer, reality star, and Kittenish clothing founder is all promo as she announces a new drop, with multiple posts on her Instagram today alerting fans to stretchy, super-comfy undies that form part of the Kittenish Basics collection. Jessie, whose brand is also promoted by 29-year-old singer and actress Jamie Lynn Spears, also took to her stories to show it all off. Turns out, Jessie comes with a giant sense of humor. 

Granny Panties Alert

Jessie James Decker indoors in shorts

Scroll for the video. It comes as Jessie's brand channels the pandemic's biggest pared-down loungewear trend, with Kittenish now retailing cute shorts and crop tops in earthy tones. 

Taking to her stories and posting for her 3.6 million followers, the Jessie & Eric alum showed off her jaw-dropping workout body, one today coming stripped down as the mom of three modeled simple, white, and matching undies with a crop top finish as she posed in selfie mode and catching a rear view.

See The Video Below!

Flaunting the weight she dropped on the South Beach Diet, a brand she fronts, Jessie wrote; "THE KIND OF GRANNY PANTS I LIKE." Over on her permanent posts, videos came promoting the merch, with Decker writing:

"Here’s the deal. I know you guys are excited about this one and you should be, we worked hard for over a year to make the most comfortable undergarments."

Jessie then admitted "I have always hated thongs or anything that goes up my butt crack." See more photos after the video!

Not Just Kim K

Jessie's range, not a million miles off the 2019-founded SKIMS brand run by mogul Kim Kardashian, is making waves via its new collaboration with 2000s comeback brand Juicy Couture, one recently rocked by 30-year-old rapper Iggy Azalea.

Sticking with the granny pants, Jessie added: "Not only are they flattering and soft but they will also make you feel sexy! The bras are so supportive that I am able to work out in them, The granny panties are actually sexy ( y’all know I’m bout that granny panty life)." See more photos below.

Celebrity Clothing Explodes

The pandemic, giving users the biggest opportunity to shop online, is also bringing a huge wave of celebrity merch shopping, not limited to actress Jessica Simpson's Jessica Simpson Style brand, model Emily Ratajkowski's Inamorata brand, plus tennis pro Serena William's Serena line. 

"I can’t wait for my grannies to get here 😂 Please make a bodysuit that’s not a thong!" one fan replied. Jessie also continues to promote her popular Just Feed Me cookbook, which last year topped Amazon's book sales list.