Keeley Hazell Sunbathes In Swimsuit With Apron Vibes

Keeley Hazell smirks close up.
Gettyimages | Alberto E. Rodriguez

Lad mag legend Keeley Hazell headed to a rather rocky beach to bask in the sunlight. While her killer curves attracted plenty of attention, some of her Instagram followers couldn't help but observe that her bathing suit looked more like something that would be worn in the kitchen than during a seaside getaway. 

In her latest IG post's caption, Keeley quipped that her pic showed her demonstrating what "everyone in London" looked like while enjoying a warm and sunny day, but some of her fans begged to differ. 

Keeley's Too Hot For The Kitchen

Keeley Hazell wears black bra and underwear.
Instagram | Keeley Hazell

For her outing, Keeley opted to wear a bathing suit in a neutral color that brought out her skin's subtle golden glow. The maillot was cream with a straight neckline and sides that were cut daringly wide. The design ensured that an ample amount of her busty chest was in full view when she was photographed from the side. The swimsuit's upper silhouette looked familiar to a few fans. 

"Stunning😍.. Is that a cooking apron 😉," one Instagrammer wrote. 

"International wear nothing but an apron day???" added another.

The lower half of the garment wasn't quite as apron-like. High-cut leg openings made the glamour model's stems look extra long and slender.  

A Stony Sun Bath


Keeley also wore a woven bucket hat with a striped pattern in cream and mustard yellow. A pair of tan sandals were sitting on the ground nearby, along with a brown woven tote and a yellow silk scarf.

She was stretched out on a pink-and-white striped beach towel, but it likely did little to spare her from feeling all the hard rocks underneath it. Gentle waves lapped the shore of the rough beach, and a low hill covered with more rocks and a smattering of scrubby plants rose up from the water's edge.  

Keeley Gets Loads Of Compliments 

Keeley doesn't post pics on Instagram very often, so her followers are extra appreciative when she does. A few commenters suggested that the setting of her photo looked like somewhere in Greece, which she visited last year

"Very nice indeed looks beautiful just like you," wrote one fan of the scenery and the sunbather. 

"Let’s be honest nobody in London is looking as good as this keeley" read a response to her caption.

"That beach looks super soft!" cracked a third Instagrammer. 

One fan also wanted to know who took the photo, which is info that the former Page 3 model did not divulge. 

Keeley's Rumored Romance Makes Waves

Back in February, The Sun reported that Keeley was dating her Ted Lasso costar Jason Sudeikis. The story was published a few weeks after Jason's ex, Olivia Wilde, was photographed holding hands with Harry Styles at a wedding. The actress and musician met when Harry replaced Shia LaBeouf as the male lead in the film Don’t Worry Darling, which Olivia is directing.

As for Keeley and Jason, they reportedly became plutonic pals in 2014 when they worked together on the movie Horrible Bosses 2. Jason's split from Olivia presented the opportunity for them to become something more, and he allegedly turned to Keeley for comfort after he learned that his ex had moved on with Harry. 

Keeley and Jason have not directly addressed the romance rumors, but last month E! News reported that Keeley shared a photo on her Instagram stories that appeared to be taken inside the actor's living room.