Sommer Ray Flaunts Massive Cupping Marks In Sunflower Undies

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Sommer Ray is in her sunflower Hump Day undies and revealing the after-effects of a cupping session. The 24-year-old fitness face, dubbed "Not Your Average Instagram Model" by Forbes in 2018, is continuing to prove the nickname is all hers in 2021, with Wednesday bringing a fresh video for the blonde's 26 million followers. Dancing around in underwear is nothing new for Sommer, but her video today showed something fresh. Sommer has hopped aboard the cupping bandwagon. Check it out below.

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Sommer Ray smiles in a skimpy towel

Scroll for the video. It comes as Sommer makes headlines for alleging that ex Machine Gun Kelly cheated on her with now-girlfriend, Megan Fox. Keeping her personal dramas way out of it, Sommer posted in the gym, all bopping booty, and ensuring her fans got both a bend-over and a giant 360.

The video, bringing Sommer mismatched as she rocked super-skimpy boyfriend briefs in gray, came with the Colorado native in a sunflower-print sports bra from her collab with PSD Underwear, and there was a non-clothes feature.

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Dancing to music and flaunting her rock-hard body with confidence, Sommer shook that massive apple bottom and highlighted her cheese-grater abs, with the rear-view footage also clearly showing large red marks on her back - Sommer isn't the only celebrity digging cupping right now, with 35-year-old sitcom star Kaley Cuoco just this week flaunting hers.

Sommer tugged at her undies and bent forward, then taking to her caption. "Happy Wednesday babiessss," she wrote, adding: "Hope you have the besttt day today."

See Her Cupping!

A quick note added: "The marks on my back are from cupping, if you've never gotten it before, I recommend." See her bikini shower after the video!

Per Very Well Health, cupping is the reverse of a massage.

"Cupping is like the opposite of massage. Practitioners use suction cups to draw soft tissue from the surface of the body. Although the exact mechanism of cupping is unclear, its result is evident: Blood engorges the cupped area (hyperemia and hemostasis), forming a large hickey." Scroll for the bikini shower!

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Sommer Ray in bikini shower

Sommer is proving a force to be reckoned with. The model, who began competing in body-building competitions aged 16, is fresh from showing off her looks in teen bikini shots, with the video clocking her over 4 million views on TikTok. Sommer's career is, however, more business-centric now, with the star running her wildly-popular Sommer Ray's Shop clothing and swim line.

Sommer is also fresh from hitting a new Instagram milestone, just this week reaching 26 million followers. Over on TikTok, she boasts 10.4 million followers.