Iggy Azalea All Juice With Bikini Baby Waist

Iggy Azalea close up

Iggy Azalea is showing off her Juicy and her bikini "baby waist." The 30-year-old rapper and new mom is inching towards one year since the April 2020 arrival of son Onyx, with Tuesday night bringing jaw-dropping bikini snaps as the "Fancy" rapper updated her Instagram. Posting for her 14.4 million followers, Iggy shouted out one of the 2000s' biggest comeback brands, also highlighting just how much she's snapped back since giving birth. Iggy's photos were stretchy swimwear central, with the Aussie bombshell winding up as Little Miss Popular in the comments.

'Bounced Back'

Iggy Azalea holding her baby

Scroll for the photos. They come as Iggy makes headlines for joking just about bouncing back. She's fresh from a tweet reading: "Had a baby bounced back like I'm 23."

Showing she puts her money where her mouth is, the "Dance Like Nobody's Watching" rapper updated with multiple shots, all showing her photographed against a white wall and flaunting her insane bikini body in the tiniest of high-waisted white two-pieces, one from Juicy Couture and with the brand's logo all over it in black. 

Keep Scrolling For The Bikini!

Throwing her arms up, all tattoos and plump pillow lips, Iggy highlighted rock-hard abs and her famous hips, also wearing her blonde hair scraped back into a bun. "Juicy Foreverrrr...," she wrote, then tagging the Kardashian-adored brand's Instagram. Over 500,000 likes were left overnight.

"Sister," one fan replied, with "Whewwww baby" also coming in. July 2020 marked Azalea making headlines for flaunting her "baby waist" after Onyx's birth, writing: "Baby weight Baby? Wait – this a baby waist." Scroll for her bedroom G-string after the photos. 

See Her Bedroom G-String!

Iggy, who split from 24-year-old baby daddy Playboi Carti at the end of last year, has been opening up on her mindset and looking forward to the future. In March, she tweeted:

"I’m excited about my future. Period. And money and all those things aside (hi, Twitter I know y’all gonna say that) I really feel a great pathway to happiness is just finding something to look forward to daily. It could be something big or small. For me, it works! (sic)"

See the G-string below!

Doing Fine Without Baby Daddy

While Iggy trashes her baby daddy all over Twitter and claims the rapper abandoned his own son over Christmas, sources are claiming the blonde is managing just fine as she raises Onyx solo. A Hollywood Life source stated:

“Iggy’s doing really great and she’s so strong. She’s living at a level of euphoria with Onyx and you can clearly see how bonded they are and how much she loves being a mom."

Iggy doesn't post too often including her son. The rapper is also gearing up for new "Sip It" track, coming April 4.