Salma Hayek Delights With Tattoos In Skintight Tank

Salma Hayek close up indoors

Salma Hayek is all grunge and bad girl in a tight tank top bend-over bringing major Lara Croft vibes, and her 17.7 million Instagram followers are going wild. The 54-year-old actress, gearing up for three movie releases this year, was big-time shouting one of them on Tuesday, with the Mexican sharing a shot from the set of The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard. Salma, who will also appear in MCU's The Eternals and Amazon Prime Video's Bliss this year, was looking ageless and fierce. Check it out below.

Bad Girl Vibes With Tattoos

Scroll for the photo, one snagging Hayek over a quarter of a million likes in just five hours. The Like A Boss actress, who has this year confirmed she's proud of pulling her own stunts at 54, updated in selfie mode and outdoors, seen in a parking lot and backed by greenery.

Eyes were likely on Salma. The actress, showing her rock-hard muscles and famous curves, was all bent forward in a mini crouch, snapping herself in a skin-tight white tank and likewise-clingy dark pants, also flashing her bra.

See The Killer Selfie!

Salma, who tends to appear in high-end Gucci, had ditched the luxury here for an edgy finish, with the photo also showing off fake thorny flower arm tattoos. Hayek was all messy bun and loose strands, also wearing smoky eye makeup. 

"Get ready Sonia is back! So excited that The Hitman’s Wife ‘s Bodyguard is coming out in theaters on June 16th. We don’t have to wait ‘til August anymore!" Salma captioned her photo, also offering her standard Spanish translation. See her dripping-wet bikini body after the shot!

Scroll For Her Dripping-Wet Bikini!

Salma, who will be joined by co-stars Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson in the sequel to 2017 movie The Hitman's Bodyguard, has been shouting out her co-stars on Instagram, with a post this year seeing her write:

"Never let anyone tell you you are too old. Get ready for this summer where at 54 I get to pull some of my best stunts ever."

The movie will be released June 16. It also isn't Salma's only headline-making right now, with the star just this weekend posting "Arab Latina" hair with swimsuit action

Kills 'Em At 54

Salma Hayek in ocean bikini

Continuing to prove the 20-somethings can shove it, Salma Hayek is shining at 54 and nobody thinks she looks it. In 2020, a troll suggesting that the star uses youthful Botox treatment wrote: "Too much Botox," telling Salma that it's not needed. The actress did not ignore the remark, making headlines for firing back as she replied: "I don’t have Botox But thank you for the advice because I was thinking maybe it’s time."

Salma is also tattooed for new Amazon Prime Video movie Bliss, co-starring Owen Wilson.