Corinna Kopf Shows Off 'Doge' Tattoo On Her Butt

Corinna Kopf wears a black sleeveless crop top.
Gettyimages | David Becker

Corinna Kopf delivered on a promise in a very permanent way when she got a new tattoo on her tush. The model and internet influencer worked her 5.4 million Instagram followers into a frenzy when she took to the social media platform to show off the new ink on her partially bared derriere. Her post included a screenshot of the tweet that led her to get the tat, and it turns out that her Twitter followers deserve some of the credit for her body art. 

It All Started With A Tweet

Back in January, Corinna came up with a creative way to get retweets. She promised her followers that she would get dogecoin, a type of cryptocurrency, tattooed on her butt if she got 50,000 retweets. She also promised to share pics of her tattoo, so her fans were obviously eager to help her reach her goal.

While some dogecoin depictions include the likeness of the the Shiba Inu dog that inspired the doge meme, Corinna didn't get the canine or a coin inked on her booty. 

Keeping It Classy

Instead of turning her buns into a full-blown meme, Corinna opted to have the word "doge" inked up high on her right butt cheek in elegant cursive letters. She wore a pair of cheeky off-white bikini bottoms with tie sides to show the tat off. In one of the photos that she shared, the video game streamer got on her knees on an outdoor rattan lounger and angled her buttocks toward the camera as she teasingly tugged on her bottoms' side strings. 


To The Moon

Corinna's post included a picture of her lying on her stomach while a tattoo artist worked on the short piece of script. She also added a cheeky caption that delighted the dogecoin insiders who follow her. 

"Doge to the moon, literally," she wrote. 

As noted by Newsweek, "to the moon" is a term popular among dogecoin traders. They use it to express their belief that their favorite cryptocurrency is going to surge. 

Dogecoin has earned some of its notoriety from a man whose name has become synonymous with space travel: SpaceX founder Elon Musk. The billionaire occasionally tweets about the cryptocurrency that was created as a joke.    

Ink Envy

Many of Corinna's followers confessed that they were jealous of the tattoo artist in her final snapshot. 

"That tattoo artist so lucky man," wrote one fan. 

"Maybe pursuing a tattoo career ain’t that bad of an idea," another wrote. 

A large number of the responses to Corinna's post were sexually suggestive in nature, but mixed among them was a message from Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Sheila Nazarian. She reminded the model that tattoos don't have to be forever. 

"Let me know when we're ready to take that off," the doc wrote. 

However, Corinna seemed determined to fulfill the bargain that she made to the end. 

"Never," she replied, adding a loudly crying face emoji.