Gymnast Nastia Liukin Balances On Beach Wood In Bikini

Nastia Liukin close up

Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin is balancing high on wood from  Laguna Beach, California. The 31-year-old Russian-born star has been making headlines for her West Coast travels this week, with the 2008 all-around champion having ditched her Dallas, TX base for a secret project and what appears to be a lot of sunshine. Posting for her 1 million Instagram followers today, Nastia shared stunning bikini and open coat shots, joking that she's not a "California girl anymore." See the gorgeous photos below.

Not Her First Bikini

Scroll for the photos, ones that brought Liukin back in her favorite pink - earlier this year, the gymnast admitted being part of a Facebook group called 50 Shades of Pink. Very much throwing out girly vibes, Nastia shared three shots, all showing her in a skimpy, sporty, and black bikini as she flaunted her Gold Medal legs, with a wild feel added as the wind blew up the blonde's pink faux-fur coat.

Nastia was all arms in the air and free-spirited smiles, also seen balancing with ease on a wooden ledge segmenting a section of the beach. 

See The Photos Below!

Nastia Liukin bedroom bikini selfie

Seemingly having the beach to herself and very much enjoying it, Nastia sent out her happiest vibes and a joking caption about not being that Cali girl anymore. "Those legs," a fan quickly replied - and it doesn't always prove a flattering affair for the gymnast this year defending her "gross skinny chicken legs."

Nastia's travels come with her promising a new project, one that would add to her existing gig retailing her $55 Celery Green Cream and new unveiling as the celebrity face of home retailer Pottery Barn. 

See more photos after the shots, where you can swipe.

Got Her Own Cup

February saw Nastia in the news for flying out to Indiana for the 12th annual Nastia Cup

"As I look back to where I was exactly a year ago today I can’t believe how much things have changed," Nastia wrote ahead of the cup, adding that despite "unpredictable" things, "I continue to believe I’m finally right where I should be, and everything I ever needed was always right in front of me. See more photos below!

Secret Project

It was all ripped jeans and poolside sunrises yesterday as Nastia teased why she's flown out to Palm Springs. Offering clues, but not giving it all away, Liukin told her followers:

"Something is coming. something that has been a DREAM. something that has been on my vision board for years.... now after years of manifesting, hard work, and the best team ever - it’s freaking happening 🥺."

Nastia's Instagram is also a gymnast hotspot, with the feed kept tabs on by 24-year-old gymnastics superstar Simone Biles.