Gray Hair Cure Discovered By Scientists [Report]

gray hair cure reportedly discovered by scientists

Scientists have reportedly discovered a gray hair cure.

According to a new study, people develop gray hair because of oxidative stress in the hair follicle. But researchers in this newly published paper claim they have found a way to reverse that accumulation of hydrogen peroxide — which bleaches the hair at the root — and restore natural hair color by using a cream.

The proprietary topical, UVB-activated compound that supposed reverses gray hair is called PC-KUS (a modified pseudocatalase).

The gray hair study was just published in The FASEB Journal (the journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology).

Gerald Weissmann, M.D., editor-in-chief of the journal, provided this overview of the gray hair study: “For generations, numerous remedies have been concocted to hide gray hair, but now, for the first time, an actual treatment that gets to the root of the problem has been developed. While this is exciting news, what’s even more exciting is that this also works for vitiligo. This condition, while technically cosmetic, can have serious socio-emotional effects of people. Developing an effective treatment for this condition has the potential to radically improve many people’s lives.”

Vitiligo is a skin condition suffered by about two million Americans that causes de-pigmentation of the skin. In making this discovery, the scientists studied about 2,500 patients with this condition. Five of them voluntarily agreed to having the cream applied and it turned out that the substance re-pigmented their skin and eyelashes. The researchers contend that these limited results could be extrapolated to ordinary people who have gone gray. “Because the cream affected the eyelashes as well as the skin, the scientists say their discovery could mean that a real anti-graying cream is in the cards for people whose hair just lost its pigment because of the touch of the cold hand of time.”

So far, there is no timetable for when the gray hair cure cream will become available to the general public, and the likelihood is that further research will be needed to validate the results on a much larger group of subjects.

Would you be interested in a cream that purports to cure gray hair without using any hair dye? If you have gray hair, have you ever tried any folk or natural remedies to reverse it?

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