Demi Rose Forgets Underwear On Sheer Pants Dog Walk

Demi Rose close up
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Demi Rose has been walking the dog in see-through pants and with zero underwear. The 25-year-old model and social media sensation's Monday night was busy as she crammed her Instagram with stories, posting for her 16.1 million followers and including everything from her 2019 Las Vegas trip to a moment with pooch Teddy. Demi, who had hopped aboard the Q&A trend, also answered fan questions with honesty, and she didn't deprive them of the killer curves. Check it all out below.

No Undies Needed

Scroll for the photo. It comes as Demi makes headlines precisely for her underwear, with a headline-making banana undies chomp this year bringing a new promo as Rose continues her ambassador role with clothing brand Pretty Little Thing.

Proving that skimpy is always best, Demi uploaded a quick story showing her shot from behind, on city streets, and in throwback mode as she let Teddy get some fresh air. It was matching sets, but no undies for the British bikini bombshell.

See The Photo!

All curves, Demi was snapped in reddish and woven pants, showing off her killer apple bottom as she went bare-bootied underneath, with the model also flashing hints of her toned back as she wore a matching, off-the-shoulder crop top. Teddy was seen on a leash and accompanying his adoring owner.

"If you can travel to any planet for free, which would it be? I love you," the fan asked, seemingly prompting both the photo and Demi's reply. "I'd prefer to go to Heaven than any other planet," Rose responded. 

Scroll For Her Fully Topless!

Demi Rose walking her dog

Demi's stories also saw her confirm she's single. The model split from DJ Chris Martinez in 2019. Likewise addressed was what makes a guy "instantly attractive" to Demi - she replied: "Honesty, sweetness, understanding, non judgmental, selfless, generous, with not necessarily material things this could be time."

Demi continues to make headlines both for her PLT gig and her July 2020 decision to quit the U.K., with updates now coming from Ibiza, Spain. See Demi's move and her fully topless below.

Quits U.K. For Good

Demi Rose topless with towels

Demi, who was body-shamed in lock-down as a troll told her she'd gained "weight" in quarantine, has opened up on her decision to leave the U.K. In September of last year, she sat down with ES, revealing:

"I felt very sad but when lockdown was lifted and I made a decision to move to Ibiza it was one of the best choices I ever made. I have loads of friends out here, the weather is nice and it is a perfect backdrop for my modelling work."