Tuesday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Sonny's Got A Question For Nina

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General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday's episode tease that Sonny will have an essential question on his mind. He's been living as "Mike" since he fell off the bridge and went missing, but now, he sees someone he feels as if he knows.

Nina stopped by to visit Phyllis at her bar in Pennsylvania after deciding to get away from Port Charles for a while. She left just before "Mike" walked down to the bar, but she happened to leave something behind. 

'Mike' Has A Feeling About Nina

Mike went to give the item back to Nina just as she stepped back into the bar. Before anything more could happen, General Hospital viewers were left hanging. Luckily, spoilers promise more on the March 23 episode.

The General Hospital sneak peek reveals that Mike will mutter that he knows her. Due to his amnesia, he won't remember who she is or know why she seems familiar. It could be, however, that he will presume she is the woman from his dreams.

Nina Was Stunned

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Naturally, Nina was left speechless by seeing Sonny in the bar. She traveled to the bar simply to visit Phyllis before heading off to somewhere else. She certainly had no idea Sonny was still alive, or that he'd show up right in front of her.

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central suggest that Nina will struggle to decide what to do next. Perhaps luckily for her, "Mike" apparently says something first during their upcoming exchange. This will surely give her some much-needed insight.

Mike's Uncertain

Nina will have to think on her feet as this proceeds. It seems Mike will ask Nina how he knows her, which should prompt her to realize he's lost his memory. 

General Hospital viewers have suspected for months that Nina would be the one to discover that Sonny was alive. Now, she'll need to decide what to do with this valuable information. 

Will Nina explain that she knows "Mike" and reveal that his loved ones in Port Charles believe that he died?  

All Signs Point Toward Nina Holding Back

Spoilers for Tuesday's General Hospital suggest that Nina will hold back regarding what she knows. Carly hurt her by keeping secrets about Nelle, and it's hard to imagine Nina not wanting to use this opportunity to gain a bit of justice.

Will Nina now accept Phyllis' offer of a room to stay in for a while after all? That seems virtually guaranteed at this point, but SheKnows Soaps hints that she may change her mind regarding some of this in the coming days.