Sommer Ray Clocks 1 Million Views With Bikini 360

Sommer Ray close up
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Sommer Ray has snagged herself a sweet 1 million views just for turning around in a tiny gold bikini. The 24-year-old fitness model and social media sensation might be OG with her 25.9 million Instagram followers, but the blonde is fast gaining fans on TikTok, where 10.2 million are subscribed. The account packed with goofy action and challenges is now reminding fans of the flawless body behind the famous face, with Sommer going poolside for a massive flaunt over the weekend. Check it out below.

Back In Her Bikini

Sommer Ray bikini selfie

Scroll for the video. It comes as Ray makes headlines for continuing to promote her Sommer Ray's Shop brand, with the video doing just this. Sommer, whose popular swim and clothing line now retails pandemic-friendly unisex sweats and hats, was definitely not covered up, seen flaunting her muscle machine of a body in a mega show-off, and proving mighty popular as a result. 

The video, seen with Ray jamming out to Everybody Loves an Outlaw's "I See Red," showed the Colorado native all stripped down, and it was body-ody-ody.

See The Video!

Sommer, wearing the tiniest of shiny gold and slightly metallic-effect bikinis, had gone cupped with fairly full bottoms, but it was a cheeky affair as the stunner turned around, with the seductive video flaunting that famous apple backside. Sommer puffed her hair up and sent out her best foxy vibes, then shouting out her brand.

"Inloveeee with my new SMR swim dropping soon," she wrote.

"I literally aspire to look like you" now tops comments, with Sommer replying: "But you're beautiful the way you are."

Doing Well For Herself

On Her Sexy Image

Sommer Ray in jeans

Sommer, who is regularly in tiny thongs and is body-positive, also spoke of her sexually-charged image. The ex to rapper Machine Gun Kelly stated: 

“I want girls to know that I’m for them. I want to show them my personality and show them that I’m not just a dumb bimbo. Because that’s what you think. You see a girl on Instagram, showing her body, and it’s just substance less.”

Sommer also has a collab with PSD Underwear, this year seeing her in the news for literally stinging like a bee in, well, her bee undies.